Shree Ganeshaya Namah

                Trump will slump into a Dump       
                (Your Ganesha devotee keeps an open mind. He therefore openly admits that he could be wrong)
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Ganesha says Trump will slump into a dump. Why? High velocity ego. Rigid. Insular. Hatred of migrants, media, misinformation. Terribly insecure. At war with his own self. A split personality right down the middle.
These are not wild accusations. Firstly it is my gut feeling. That’s most important for a psychic, astrologer, spiritual master. The gut feeling according to me is the mind, the inspiration, the imagination, the ESP speaking through the stomach. There is immense immaturity, lack of poise and balance. Great aggression and hatred in the very personality of Trump. This is what I have observed, noticed, felt, recognised every time I see him ram his ideas and opinions down the throats of others. To me this is reprehensible, un-American and certainly not becoming a President. In short he is a man with heavy blinkers on both the sides.  
Trump was born on June 14. The tarot card of number 14 shows a lady pouring water from one vessel to another vessel. That means a flow of energy from one side to the other side. As this energy flows there will be balance and poise. The card itself is named as temperance. Temperance means moderation and patience and evaluation in all the activities of life. This is most certainly absent in Trump. It is this imbalance which causes psychological damage to him. For example this damage is reflected in the decision of Trump to miss the media dinner date fixed by the glitzy White Correspondent’s Association annual dinner. (27th February 2017, Times of India)
I do not wish to go into the technicalities of his horoscope because people may not believe in astrology and secondly technical aspects are boring. But the symbol of Gemini is the twins. Therefore it is a dual or double bodied sign. Double bodied sign is more likely to split. And that I know is the case with Trump.
In astrology Pluto signifies the devastating energy of the atom bomb. Mars also shows combative aggression. Both these combative planets are right at the top of his chart. It means double aggression, attack, irritation, authority, dictatorship, bullyism and most certainly no respect and understanding of the hearts and minds of all those who differ from him. In other words Donald Trump just does not have an open mind, a tolerance of opinion different from his and a singular belief that he alone is right and others are evil. He calls others who differ from him as un-American. He is insular to the point of no return.
Donald Trump has called others who differ from him as “Enemy of the People”. The same words were used by, Maximilien Robespierre, Henrik Ibsen and Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator who sent hundreds of thousands of alleged “enemies of the people” to their deaths. I want to play it fair and square.
We all know that very recently Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey for the simple reason that he could not stomach him. This is theme edge of the wedge. It shows a horrible inner compulsion of a total distaste to be opposed in any way. Mentally it spells doom. In American language Trump is a nut case. Bigotry is the second name of Trump.
Saturn the planet of disappointment, despair, death may not allow him to complete his term. This according to me is a very strong possibility. The months for it are June, December, September and March in particular. My last word is Trump must learn to be farsighted, poised, balanced and supremely tolerant. In modern times nobody can get away with murder. It is very obvious that as a professional fair minded impartial astrologer I can have nothing personally against Trump.


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