Weekly Horoscope June 2017

                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Forecast
                June 19 – June 25
Aries: Ganesha says the personal side of your relationships, as well as the emotional, romantic one will be intense and fulfilling. Love uplifts and delights you, giving you much to be thrilled about. Your role in the family is appreciated, admired and applauded. Thrills, surprises, even gifts come your way, making you feel pretty good! Legal issues, too, will add to your feeling of satisfaction since they go in your favour.
Taurus: Your pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, insights will pay you dividends now. You’re much more clear in thinking, more rational, and definitely more patient. It helps clear doubts as well as contentious matters, and above all, helps you communicate far better, get infinitely closer to people. Partnerships, joint – funds, travel will be sorted out, clarified, and perhaps even be linked together. The focus and thrust of all this activity is definitely, but definitely money / finances – for your plans, goals, ambitions.
Gemini: You finally decide to slow down a bit, find time for leisure and pleasure with family, loved one, friends. You’re striving to balance your two commitments – family and work – and make them complement each other. Once again, you’re striving for future gain, comfort and security for your family and will learn to overcome lack of trust, or your own impatience with others.
Cancer: You’re ready to make long – term commitments now – to your family, to your work, to the special person in your life. You’ll need to think everything through, weigh up benefits and options since its decision – time on many issues close to our heart. You have to learn to put your points across, to communicate with others, to get close to family and kin, friends and colleagues. Your sincerity is obvious, but it still needs to be conveyed to others.
Leo: All your plans will now become much more definite, much more concrete. You’ll be able to see future directions much more clearly and also realise just how paying and profitable, not to mention far-reaching, they are going to be. Hard work and detailed planning lies ahead of you this period, also some very major financial decisions. Dealing with joint – funds, venture capital, loans will have to be careful, yet clever.
Virgo: Career objectives, the taking off of ventures and the financial links for these will be the thrust this period. Also a good amount of social interaction, hospitality, perhaps business / official entertaining. You may be able to meet a special person who can not only further your professional interests, but inspire you, too. Additionally, there is depth, intensity, true bonding in love and this makes you march to a fine drummer, a song on your lips and gladness in your heart.
Libra: Alongside your career plans your ventures and enterprises, another kind of growth has happened to you in the last period. The plant now blossoms – spiritual insights, true faith, knowledge and wisdom. The impact of this will be felt most strongly in the personal sphere; lots of warmth, love and closeness come to you and you give it back a hundredfold! Ganesha is truly generous to you.
Scorpio: You again do some serious thinking. This time around you’re thinking of choices, ramifications and demands, before you reach some rather major decisions. You have the tenacity to stand by your choices / decisions at all times, but you have to consciously make a call. Ganehsa steers you gently but firmly in the direction of home, love, family – your own choices, too, anyway.
Sagittarius: Your human and humane side comes to the fore now. Human – in that you seek people, strive to relate to them, show them you care. Humane, inasmuch as you share the concerns of people the world over, and identify with them. With you, thought is action – in a positive, constructive way. Therefore, charity, time, financial help will be proffered. Also, your role as both parent or child, as employer and employee, as provider will be more meaningful.
Capricorn: New ideas, creativity, original thought, innovations in techniques and methods will be the highlights this period. With this creativity will also come a linked factor – the angle of children, procreation, recreation. I’m not playing with words here; in fact I’m pretty serious. But you’re not – you’re light –hearted, fun loving, easy – going, vibrating beautifully with the younger generation.
Aquarius: Meetings, conferences, seminars, get – togethers, celebrations – you relate much better to people and it shows! Also your own vision, your thinking, takes a marvellous upswing in your own sun sign. You will feel both an easing up in, yet an energising effect on your attitude. You are able to see work through resolve issues, conclude long – delayed matters in this new mood.
Pisces: Once again, you have the time to think about your role in life. You seek to live up to your own expectations and your own standards particularly in the family, and in the purview of your work / career. If you define your own role, you also give much leeway to others’ roles in your scheme of things. Tolerance, patience, kindness come to you. You feel that the realisation of your perceived goals is not just possible, it’s a certainty!


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