Weekly Astrologer Horoscope for January 22 - January 28, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                January 22 – January 28
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says the scope of your activities, especially professional ones, will narrow. This phase is all about money and money matters. Income, assets and all sorts of monetary gains are your major pursuits. The desire to have a larger income overshadows all your other considerations and activities. Your working life will hover around business issues, acquisitions, capital, funds, and so on. Yes, this is a good time to launch a project, finish pending work, take on new assignments.
Taurus: Life has taught you, in recent times to assign realistic goals and priorities. Once again, the focus is on the material plane. You are looking at providing comfort, security and protection for both yourself and your loved ones. Many issues need to be resolved. Real estate property, renovation and family matters are uppermost in your mind. You also need to get your way without hurting others and that is a tightrope walk.
Gemini: This interesting and reasonably profitable phase is all about money and honey. The highlight is personal and shared finances. Love, passion and romance, partnerships and trade also flourish. Ganesha says that you have a very hectic time ahead and your plate will be full of professional and emotional demands. But, you are determined to enjoy it all and give your very best to the situation. I assure you that in the long haul this will pay dividends.
Cancer: You change tack. Pretty dramatically this period you will also have more time to pursue hobbies and interests that are close to your heart. Here, love needs to be mentioned in particular. This is where you register your greatest and most pleasing gains. Loved ones, your spouse / partner, in particular, will get special attention. There may be more than one person who falls in the ambit of your love interests.
Leo: The highlight of the period is a true and genuine reaching out to people. This period sets the trend for a sudden and pleasing shift of interests. Communications – whether phone calls, the media, or just dealing with correspondence, building up fresh contacts – will be the highlight of this period. You are satisfied with concrete gains and there will be pleasing fellowship with those you meet. You may even reach out in friendship to complete strangers!
Virgo: This will be a great period. With your money worries and issues resolved, you turn to the arts, theatres, music, fun and enjoyment at parties, find occasions for happy times with children and also for pursuing your own interests and hobbies. Leisure is at the forefront; you are not slogging away. You are also more resolute in all your domestic affairs and make some important decisions now. You have the resources and style to make a success of anything you enter into, even if it is falling in love.
Libra: This is not the phase for flights of fancy; it is certainly not the phase for light romance and fantasies. You focus more on the physical. You plunge headlong into love, passion, the pleasures of sex, and are yet firmly entrenched in the more pragmatic pursuits of funds and loans, legacies and money matters. This is very interesting period. You will also be captivated by meditation, and religious and spiritual practices.
Scorpio: There is a natural and logical progression from last period. But there is a change here – you will seek spiritual solace, metaphysical truths and deeper insights into life. After the frantic pursuits of the previous period, the mood is somber, even meditative. Work issues will have to be resolved during this period of introspection. You are interested in genuine and strong bonding but the pressures of work will create an equally strong contrary pull.
Sagittarius: You have somewhat lost track of your priorities, or perhaps focus, with all the thinking and introspection of recent times and it is now necessary to get back to what you love best – people and your interactions with them. You will be bonding with family like never before. They will be your strength, solace, comfort and above all, your inspiration to get ahead in life. Loved ones and the family take centre stage, and you are more rooted in domestic matters.
Capricorn: Your family will be the centre of attention in every way. But it may not all be hunky dory; there will be negative trends too. You will continue working hard but are drawn into family and property matters, house and home and renovations of all kinds. Ganesha says that family and work are the twin themes that will require probably twice as much involvement and effort.
Aquarius: You carry on and make the most of all your powers and skills. It is an action-packed time. The focus is on research, discoveries, inventions and new fields of study. There will also be meetings and conferences, interviews and committees. You will be on the move, reaching out in every conceivable way. A journey may also prove rewarding. Travel for both business and pleasure is almost definitely foretold and it will be productive, lucrative and rewarding – both financially and intellectually.
Pisces: You need to curb your ego and get more tactful and diplomatic if you want to relate better with people, which is actually the need of the hour. This is a welcome realisation. Your sense of your self-image intensifies and diversifies to include not only how you see yourself but also how others see you. While reviewing both your public and personal image and person it is also time to weigh, evaluate and assess what you have achieved. 


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