Weekly Astrology Horoscope for April 2 - April 8, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                April 2 – April 8, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says your mind doesn’t waiver and you take risks at work. You gamble and speculate with aggression and believe that risks have to be taken to conquer new horizons. You spend time with bank details, loans, funds, real-estate deals, financially sound partners and customers, and reap the whirlwind. There is some passion on the cards but not the sort of romance that turns you on.

Taurus: Life is good and you have no complaints which, I must add, is a rare human condition. You have been bestowed with everything and you thank the Lord and live in gratitude which is certainly a good way to be. This is a wonderful period with beauty and utility, money and deep bonds. Family life is excellent and there is intense romance too. Your work / career is moving along well and all the hard work has paid off. You will socialise and fuse work and play with pleasure, fun and joy.

Gemini: This is a good period for intense companionship and indulgences, also many expenses as you will be in a happy mood and will be wining and dining in style. You get a trifle laidback where work is concerned and entrust a lot of it to associates which you must guard against. There will be a variety of activities and experiences and new projects and collaborations. There will be fun outings with the family, and time spent with children; dependents and pets also provide great joy.

Cancer: You continue in a happy mode with some minor adjustments to your ebullience and enthusiasm. There are journeys, ceremonies, publicity, meetings, interviews, conferences, marriages to attend and all sorts of socialising. You enjoy the attention and also make time for pleasant amusements. Work is on the backseat for the moment but you can return it to any time. You use the time to meet old and ailing relatives and spend time with friends and associates who need you not just for your business acumen but for your charm and inherent people skills.

Leo: You are filled with expansion plans and have the determination to see them through. It is a fantastic period with a large chunk of luck following you wherever you go. You make spectacular progress in whatever you do despite mounting expenses. It is a thrilling period and you are enjoying the ride. If in business, there is enormous money to be made. You have the tactical acumen to seize the moment and mint it.

Virgo: Busy times reign supreme as you will be on your toes on the work and home fronts. Money will be spent on refurbishing, renovating and decorating your home and office and there could be added expenses on children and illnesses of family members. You will be trouble by all this and will look to spirituality for a way out. You were on a roll, have been pampered for too long, and suddenly there are problems to solve and you don’t know how to cope.

Libra: Your work life acquires a fresh coat of paint as you increase the tempo and intensity. There will be many new ties, bonds, partnerships, collaborations and links including distracting romance with many passion packed moments. If single, there could be serious love on the cards which could lead to the altar. For the married, marital bonds will be strengthened. It can get a bit complicated too with relationships within relationships, there may be adultery too but that depends a lot on the personal horoscope.

Scorpio: You reach a type of completion at home and at work; in many ways, the circle is complete. There is fruition in your affairs and you find that yourself in a pool of bliss. You will feel happy, content and fulfilled with life. Your talents win the applause they so richly deserve and you bask in all the attention and glory. Pleasure, profit, joy and contentment are yours for the asking. You take no concrete step forward at work, but there is happiness in sheer acceptance.

Sagittarius: You are filled with new wisdom and ideas and want to share it with the world, or at least with friends and close associates. You may even seem quickly to those who don’t know you too well as your imagination runs wild and you come up with innovative schemes. But there will be happy moments with the family and you will take refuge in it. You are also drawn to religion, spirituality, prayer, meditation, rituals, yoga and the esoteric sciences.

Capricorn: There is some sort of reality check now and the material world beckons with its allurements of hard work and its rewards in monetary terms. You can get insecure when your bank account diminishes and you are away from work. So you get down to the task of shoring up your finances. You find a semblance of happiness, though fleeting. Work has never been the reason for your existence but at least it consumes time and keeps your occupied and distracted from the various dreams that catch your fancy every now and then.

Aquarius: The money angle, travel, family, friends and many new diversions grab your attention. You have to cope with funds, joint holdings, settlements, hypothecation, trusts, even alimony and golden handshakes. Many kinds of financial possibilities confront you and you will be juggling them with some dexterity. This is not what you bargained for but it has to be done. You will also meet many people and there is romance in the air.

Pisces: You are working at full steam and progress in assured. You may also travel on work and holiday and there could be distractions like illness in the family. Stress levels are high and you have to take care of yourself too. You are loved and appreciated and there is emotional support and happy bonding. It is a pleasant period in many ways as you make progress and more money. You could be wrong and there is no harm admitting it. 


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