Weekly Astrology Horoscope for April 9 - April 15, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                April 9 – April 15, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says many new trends are at work here. While you are as busy as ever, with work, money, family and several other obligations taking your time and energy, you are suddenly pitch-forked into a whirlwind romance that finally leaves you empty, more lonely, lost and dissipated. It starts beautifully and then takes an ugly turn with accusations and counter accusations. You feel cheated and let down.

Taurus: You get back to work and are motivated by money and the good things of life. You need focus as there are many expenses foreseen and you may also indulge in getting new acquisitions for yourself, the family and the office. You will also have to guard against excessive drinking or smoking, if you have these habits. If you don’t look after yourself, there could be a serious health scare.

Gemini: You are swinging away and are the soul of the office and the party. There is no letting up on the work front though. You may be on the verge of a burn-out and you desperately need to de-stress. There are meetings, collaborations and many monetary deals waiting to be finalised by you. This is not the time for romance and friends as you burn the midnight oil and are on the rack. The situation will even out a bit soon but this is a good time to cash in as the dividends will be there to see and relish before the period ends.

Cancer: The bull in this period goads you on. There is no slowing down in the enormity of the workload; if anything, it just increases. You have many responsibilities and need to put in great effort. I must add here that it is all not in vain because success is yours for the asking. You will make money and expand in a big way. Health will be good and you will be filled with energy and zeal to go full throttle.

Leo: All that you embark on now leads to glory. It is a very successful period and you have to grab the high tide or, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, the low tide can get so low that you don’t even see the water, and you don’t want that for sure! So, Ganesha is offering you the best of the period and I suggest you grab it for all you are worth. Such great times don’t come visiting often and right now you stand to embrace the joys of real success. Family life is fine but you may not have much free time for loved ones.

Virgo: You are on a roll and the phase gets even more intense. All you need to guard against is stress which can take a toll and you don’t want to be hospitalised at this juncture in particular. You decide to win the battle in the mind, and it’s all mind over matter now. You have renewed strength and purpose. Money matters are handled with flair and intelligence and you will pore over every detail and get under the fine print to protect yourself from any financial damage later on.

Libra: The work phase is ebbing and your mind wanders in different directions. Suddenly, you have time and you don’t know what to do with it. You spend time with family and friends and even decide to leave it all and go away from the action for a bout of solitude. It has all been very demanding and you need the rest. Your mind is in a whirl and you need to do a recap of the events that have taken you by storm.

Scorpio: You can’t remain from the scene of action for too long and you are back for the slog refreshed and ready to take on more like Charles Atlas. But there is more peace of mind, harmony and balance now and you don’t go overboard with your expansion and money making plans. The short break has been good for you and provided many valuable realisations. You know what you have missed out on the family suddenly becomes very special to you.

Sagittarius: With this new focus you manage to balance work and play well without going overboard in either area. You have learnt your lesson and try, at least for now, for a sense of balance in your life. You will be busy with the home and its myriad affairs like deeds, documents, legal issues, renovation and refurbishing. You are confident and work through all the details to be fully satisfied.

Capricorn: Many aspects of your life and work are calling for your attention and you don’t know which to take up first. Expenses are mounting plus there is travel, collaborations and all kinds of communication. You do not have to show your vulnerable side this period and so it will be necessary to watch your emotions carefully. Please don’t wear them on your sleeve as you are wont to. It can be a confusing and paradoxical period ahead and there are several pulls which could weigh on your mind and hold you back from progress.

Aquarius: Your emotions are still messed up. You are alienating yourself from the family, friends, associates, and from work. You seem harassed by the demons lurking within you. No one is responsible for this but yourself. It is self – created and it is up to you to solve it. It is difficult to fathom how it all started and what caused it but now that it is embedded in your psyche like an alien it is tearing you apart. You may take to music and art and spend time deep within looking for answers.

Pisces: The situation improves and you focus on personal, social and professional relationships. There are many things needing your attention – family, financial matters, work, friendships and all the distractions of the world. There are many deals, transactions and fine interactions in the offing. There are responsibilities and liabilities to attend to and you need to be on the ball. But you are lucky and manage to steer the course. 


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