Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 18 - June 24, 2018 by ASTROLOGER GANESHA BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                June 18 – June 24, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you rope in your associates in your dealings and this proves to be a good move. The attention also shifts from the work front to home and family and there are many domestic responsibilities and joys to handle and enjoy. You also have to invest some time in your housing society or community and you can’t get away from all this. Nor do you want to. There are other responsibilities to attend to as well. Plus there may be demands from siblings, co-workers, immediate and distant family and neighbours.

Taurus: Love and money are the twin themes of the period. You also find time to relax, and there could perhaps be a home away from home as a kind of holiday retreat or weekend getaway. There will be loans, joint accounts, bonds, insurance and funds of all kinds to deal with on the money front, along with soaring expenses. You do a juggling act and manage it all well. You will also be spending a lot of time with loved ones and that will give you many happy moments.

Gemini: Your people skills will be at their best and you will get the support of both colleagues and loved ones. Partnerships and collaborations are vital and most beneficial in this period. You surmount many obstacles and ride the wave to glorious times. You worry about your image and there may be legal issues that could tarnish it. You confide in family and form a strong team to battle these challenges. You find great support and strength in your associations and emerge victorious with ease.

Cancer: Money and its jingle appeal to you more than ever before. You look at finances in a big way, as that is the main theme of this period. Personal and work related finances hog the limelight. There are tax issues and all sorts of monetary developments that will take up your time. You have to solve it all and spend time behind closed doors getting to the nitty gritty of your finances and its implications. There are meetings galore in this period but they all work out happily in the end.

Leo: Once the finances are worked out, you get to spending the money which you believe is hard earned. There are many expenses and for a change, your creative instincts blossom. You do well at work and there is recognition. You may even get an award for something you have done. You love the limelight and the appreciation that it all brings. You are the toast of the office, and may get a promotion, if not more. If you are on your own, you make tangible expansion of the business / enterprise. A tremendous sense of aestheticism, of beauty, new grips you. There have been good times and you have worked hard and earned well and now you want to get creative and bring some beauty into your surroundings.

Virgo: You have achieved a lot but you don’t want to stop here. You are prepared to stick your neck out like a platoon commander flushing out terrorists. This works as you break new ground and make many startling discoveries. Your new interests include religion and spirituality, travel and education. You have kept money aside for the family and for a nest egg, and so monetary issues are not the real focus this period. You look for harmony and try to smooth the feathers you have rustled in the past.

Libra: Your conciliatory moves and work success are highly appreciated. There is enhanced income and prestige. You party a lot now and look at finances in the form of inheritance and legacies. You are a social butterfly and spend time at various gatherings enjoying yourself thoroughly. You are ebullient and enthusiastic and your happy mood is contagious. All this is a welcome respite from the hard slog that you have put in over the last period.

Scorpio: You are again on the work track. You are confident, pragmatic and determined and will forge ahead furiously. You earn plaudits for your achievements and decide to expand further and make more money, which is never out of your sights for long. You look at holistic progress and make the necessary adjustments to your personal and work life so that both show steady progress and harmony. You are also, once again, on a shopping spree with family and loved ones. Everyone has a ball!

Sagittarius: You give your best to work and your relationships and there is great intensity in whatever you do. You extend your hand towards humanity, undertake social work and spend quality time with your children and / or parents. You are full of commitment and bond well with others. You are endowed now with a new vision and charisma and look at the future with immense possibilities in mind. You are riding the crest of a wave and feel that the world is yours to conquer.

Capricorn: You see yourself in a new light and are empowered by your success. The early part of the period will be hectic and now you try to enjoy yourself and ride on the momentum generated in the previous period. There is a welcome change in your perspective and the way you are looking at the world. You are caring and considerate, alert and active. There is a new you eyeballing the world and whatever it has to offer. There is a chance that you are getting too big for your boots. You spend and entertain easily and have happy, boisterous times.

Aquarius: You are busier than ever before and highly motivated in all that you undertake – and it shows in the results. You spend quality time with loved ones and there are possibilities of exciting travel. But there are pinpricks like unexpected expenses, ill-health in the family, and a frittering away of valuable resources on issues that are of no relevance to you; in other words there is highly avoidable wastage of both time and money. There is envy and politics at the workplace and you have to tread with caution.

Pisces: There are many distractions at play here. There are partnerships, religious ceremonies, meetings and interviews and several business / collaborations / connections, all of which lead you into a profitable, upward spiral. This is a good time to spread your wings and meet as many people as possible. There will be journeys and conferences and you will benefit greatly from them. There is romance in the air and, if married, there will be dealings with close family, your spouse, even your in-laws. If single, there is a chance that you may meet your life partner. 


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