Birthday Astrology Horoscope for August 6 - August 12, 2018 by ASTROLOGER BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Birthday Horoscope
                August 6 – August 12, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

6th: Ganesha says commitments made now, whether of an emotional or financial nature, can prove sound. Intergenerational interactions are beneficial; reach out to someone older or younger. Consult experienced people.

7th: You may have an encounter with a limitation. Delays might be an inevitable part of the picture. Work within these constraints and try to see where they can be beneficial in some way.

8th: There is a difference between an honest opinion and one that is informed. Be certain of knowing all the facts. And even then, sometimes all you can do is agree to disagree.

9th: You could receive a gift or reward or will have the possibility of turning your benefits package into one that is more lucrative. Don’t turn down a chance to mingle. You can shine professionally.

10th: There’s a lot of action on some idea or for task, but things could turn critical on the work or in attitudes if you don’t stay focused on setting skills to work. Avoid fights, especially on the road, at work.

11th: There’s a reservoir of love and romance available on many new, thrilling levels. Maybe it’s love at first sight or a baby’s love. Be open to warm excitement from sudden new people or new ways.

12th: There are more emotional, romantic, or psychological complication to deal with than you’re happy about, especially through noontime. Let relations lie low for a bit and stability returns tonight.


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