Weekly Astrology Horoscope for July 1 - July 7, 2019 by ASTROLOGER GANESHA BEJAN DARUWALLA


              Shree Ganeshaya Namah
              Weekly Horoscope
              July 1 – July 7, 2019
              By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says you are in full flow and make rapid progress. During this period, you will establish yourself. You earn repute for your formidable skills. You have reached a point of equilibrium and your actions and behaviour are consistent. People now rely on you a great deal. Your approach is disciplined and organised.
Taurus: You achieve all that you set out to do. You mix conservatism with new, liberal ideas and the matching works well. This is not the time for relationships and your nose is to the grindstone. Ganesha wishes you well. The good times continue. You will come in contact with older, more experienced people and you have a lot to learn from such chance encounters.
Gemini: You may meet someone who becomes your guru and shows you the path to enlightenment. There is money and honey, spiritual growth, the family is well taken care of, and there is domestic bliss. This is an emotional phase and you feel content. You go on pilgrimage to thank the Gods who have helped you along a tricky trail. You are filled with gratitude. Ganesha’s blessings are with you.
Cancer: The stage is well set to display your strengths. You have established yourself in the world and now you have to work harder to remain there. The test may take many forms, but you are the master of all that you survey and you like the look and the thought of being the alpha male / female. Your self – control is tested. You are ambitious, determined and almost ruthless to get whatever you have set your sights on.
Leo: You know precisely what you need to succeed and after you are satisfied and achieved whatever you wanted, you are willing to compromise and share your success. You must learn to be accommodating. Stand up for your rights but don’t overstep your bounds. There will also be happy moments at home, away from the clutter and ambition of the workplace.
Virgo: This is a very positive period. In many ways it represents a period of culmination in your life, and you will be tempted to expand beyond reasonable limits. You have a good chance for success in any of the new endeavours you are embarking on. However, you should not restrict yourself solely to material growth. It may be time to turn your attention to spiritual needs.
Libra: You realise this and look for the solutions within yourself. This is the turning point, says Ganesha. You want to indulge yourself, you want to get yourself as many possessions as you can. But remember that it can leave you empty later. This is not the time for arrogance either. Work with others in a spirit of sharing and mutual growth. Set goals for the benefit of all, and the team backs you.
Scorpio: You could be tempted to lose your legendary temper. There is nothing worse, no greater nightmare than a bull that is scorned. So, take care not to lose your cool. While you make progress at work, you can also get insufferable to colleagues with your mighty ego issues. Ganesha warns you to keep it in check. You are drained of valuable energy that has been lost in this unnecessary expression of your ego.
Sagittarius: It will be a good idea to travel or go on a short holiday or take a break. Make time for the three F’s – friends, fun and frolic; do anything to distract you from the intense energy of the moment. Learn to be patient and cool. You are in a better frame of mind but the intensity of the period still lingers. You throw yourself at work and in the party circuit and make new friends. This is a testing time, says Ganesha.
Capricorn: You dream big, larger than life. If married, you enjoy memorable moments with the spouse. For those with children, family life is most enjoyable; there is great bonding, Ganesha wishes you man happy moments. The season is certainly one for romance with candlelight and roses. You put on your thinking cap and get very serious about life.
Aquarius: You feel like doing some quality social work and helping the less fortunate. This is marvellous as it is always good to give back to society. You have many new work ideas too but they don’t seem to fit in with the larger plan as they seem to futuristic and idealistic without any practical rationale. Try to work out some ideas that can be followed through with ease, something more realistic.
Pisces: Try to work out some ideas that can be followed through with ease, something more realistic. You are a practical person by nature; so look for more workable solutions. Right now, you are zooming far ahead of your contemporaries who fail miserably to comprehend you. But this is a good time, says Ganesha, and there is nothing to worry about. Your health is good and money will finally come your way!


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