Weekly Astrology Horoscope for August 28 - September 3, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Forecast
                August 28 – September 3
                 By Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says you have tasted success at so many levels last period. You are well on the path to even more glory. Nothing is always smooth sailing, Ganesha reminds you, and there could be some upheavals. You will adapt a more conciliatory approach which really helps in getting things done. You will also like a immerse yourself in beautiful things almost like a escape mechanism from all the troubles which may bother you on this road to glory.

Taurus: The quest for achievement doesn’t stop. You have also found some breathing space and have chalked out newer horizons to conquer. You manage to take a few outings, probably to a health farm, to get recharged for the final assault, to attain the realisation of all your dreams. You work out strategies and the funds needed and will discuss details with collaborations, colleagues, or perhaps your partners in enterprise.

Gemini: The mood is upbeat and you continue with the trends of last period. You work hard, meet people, travel, get the money organised and reach out to newer benchmarks. You clean up your image and tidy up the home and office. You get new clothes, possibly a new hairstyle, and get into shape with the right food and medication, possibly with visits to spas and health centres.

Cancer: You taste the fruits of all that you have put into your life in recent times. You are successful and have managed to achieve most, if not all, that not desired. You are happy to be alive and basking in the comfort zone of a job well done, thanks to your own untiring efforts. You enjoy it all with friends, family, children, parents, in-laws and all your ‘near and dear’ ones as we say in India!

Leo: The mood is grand and not just good. Your work is going well and your relationships are happy and easygoing. Financial targets have been reached and friends from all over want to celebrate with you. You balance it all like an expert juggler. You meet all sorts, and have exceptional encounters with a wide cross-section, of people. You are learning and growing all the time, and what a way to be! This is a good time for embarking on new ventures.

Virgo: There is a lot of thinking to do. You also feel genuinely for the world, the poor and the downtrodden and want to donate to charities. Your heart – strings will be tugged. You are fine professionally and the home life is also stable, and so you reach out to the world, at large. This is a happier phase at the emotional level but expenses will mount and you will have to work hard to meet them.

Libra: You are filled with confidence and security in your abilities and assets, and enjoy the stability. Family ties are important as also investments of all kinds. Finances will be on the upswing and you will enjoy the good life. Of course, nothing comes free or easy. You will slog for every bit of extra. This could take a toll on your time and other associations but that is the way it is. You need to demarcate your priorities both clearly and well, in order to achieve true and lasting success.

Scorpio: This is expansion in all your activities. There may be a few delays and snafus, but these are minor glitches. The larger picture which you are framing in your mind and in the world will be pretty wonderful. The pace is hectic with many demands on your time and resources. Be steadfast and hold firm and don’t abandon faith. You will be travelling and meeting people, spending more and grabbing with both hands.

Sagittarius: You work hard, and with grace, dignity and determination. There is travel in the offing, and many new associations that may prove beneficial. You will expand your horizons and, possibly, embark on new study. But love will never desert you despite all the upheavals. Old relationships are as strong as ever and new ones knock at the door; all you have to do is let them in and get closer, and more intimate, more loving.

Capricorn: The period begins quietly and in a contemplative state of mind. You will be energised with ideas and want to do many things at many levels but are yet quite withdrawn and contemplative. The focus is also strongly on property matters, journeys and creative work. There is suddenly some intense bonding too and you may even get a brand new image. But you will also need to make the necessary adjustments and do some re-thinking of your personal and professional interests which may clash hard at times.

Aquarius: Lots of things change now. You are working in many directions. Even your approach to life may change. There will be hectic parleys, communication, even engagements or marriages; several possibilities exist. Some travel is also thrown in and you will certainly reach out to larger audiences one way or the other. Your people skills will be greatly tested and tie-ups, collaborations, compromises and negotiations will all draw on your reserves of tact, diplomacy, not to mention your management skills and bargaining power.

Pisces: A slightly intense period is setting in once again. There are many challenges and you need to be better equipped to achieve whatever you have set out to do. There is a lot of running around and a flurry of activity and communication at all levels. There could be higher studies and more training, to help you handle all that you hope to surmount. You don’t really this tense period; in fact, you may even enjoy it as it brings in achievement and success in all your endeavours. 


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