Weekly Astrology Horoscope for November 6 - November 12, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Forecast
                November 6 – November 12
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says this is the time for action and you are never one to run away from the good fight! In fact, you love hard work and the desire for recognition in the world is also deeply embedded in them. You are full of zest and make marked progress with determined effort. Power, prestige, perks, pelf and property are all yours for the asking. You are ruthless and merciless at the start and nothing has the gumption to even get in your way: you bulldoze your way past all roadblocks.
Taurus: You continue with gusto; in fact, you pick up more speed. You are moving like a rejuvenated Brett Lee. You mean business and get things done with frantic speed efficiency. Property matters, inheritance, new acquisitions and high-end real-estate deals come into sharp focus. You are fiery and brook no opposition. There is travel and collaborations, and many new vistas are reached for in your professional life.
Gemini: You finally make room in your life for emotions and feelings. Your first needs are money, recognition and a position of control and once they are in place, you look for love. All your feelings are neatly compartmentalised. The family comes into play here. There is love and bonding. You try to include them in your plans so they understand you better, it is also so much easier to trust family and include them in all your new schemes rather than put your trust in strangers.
Cancer: The intense phase resumes and you are charging like a bull at the matador’s cape. You have created a balance in your personal and professional life, and now you move ahead to seize the opportunities that come your way. Your achievements are all well deserved and you bask in the glory of a job well done. There is also some fun and partying and even, possibly, a new romance. Don’t lose your head and overdo it. There is passion and, possibly, great intimacy, but watch where you are going.
Leo: There is a lull after the storm. You need a) to communicate with people and b) to slow down a bit. There are many new ideas to grapple with and you need to discuss all this. There is a chance of new and meaningful relationships developing. There is closer and more intimate bonding as you want to communicate your feelings, your grand plans and work ethic. There is travel thrown in and you meet people from many different walks of life.
Virgo: Somehow, all at once, this is the phase when everything gets more hectic. There will be skyrocketing expenses and new sources of income too. You are on a spending spree and buying the best brands. Money is coming from all your ventures, and so you are not unduly bothered. Money wields its own power and you love the feeling. There will be family outings, meetings up with old friends, visits to sanctuaries and parks and many fun times.
Libra: There is a lot of waste and extravagance that you have to guard against. As you know, a penny saved is a penny earned. So you need to rein in your expenses. There will be other preoccupations too as you will also have to look into domestic affairs and little details like children’s education, parents / in-laws health, schooling and the other mundane details and demands of everyday life.
Scorpio: You are reaching out in a big way, in all directions, to all you meet. There is expansion not only in your work but also in your consciousness. You bow down before a higher power and are drawn deeply towards spiritualism, philosophy, moral and social issues, and even religious rites. There will be meetings with old acquaintances and you enjoy happy times with them. Friends mean a lot to you and you realise, in your quieter moments, that life is not all about achievement and money and fame.
Sagittarius: The new developments in your life make you very emotional and sentimental. Spiritualism, prayer, tantra and mantra, a lot of meditation and contemplation, the higher values and social questions of law, order, balance and justice will become a part of your psyche. Your realities get subjective and you look at all-round growth. There are strong shifts away from the worldly plane and the new values you are toying with get deeply ingrained in your personality and life, leading to very intense bonding.
Capricorn: You are communicating with both fervour and fire. You meet up with new collaborators and discuss grand plans. There are many expenses and you are a bit confused: should you move ahead full steam or slow down a bit and smell the roses. Expenses will grow almost unmanageably and there is no respite from them. You feel that you are at your wit’s end but Ganesha sends down hope.
Aquarius: You are not one to be knocked down easily by life’s blows. You are tough and get back on track fairly quickly and well. Not for nothing is Aquarius called one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac. The office and home need your attention along with many domestic issues. The health of family members and even pets will need looking into and you get down to handling it all. But you will definitely be pulled in many directions. Due to all this, your own health may suffer too; you need to take the necessary precautions.
Pisces: New opportunities keep knocking at your door. There is more work and more money to be made, along with journeys, legal matters and lawsuits to keep you busy and involved. There will be heavy expenses to meet once again, but you find the strength and finances to cope and that, too, with great dignity. You realise that worries and troubles are bound to be there and that life has its thorns. There is enormous tension, but you somehow find the sources to manage it all. 


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