Weekly Astrology Horoscope for January 1 - January 7, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                January 1 – January 7
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says a lot is on your mind and they will all not be happy thoughts. You are confused, and will be working and thinking at cross purposes. Your income and finances are on the upswing despite your lack of interest in work-related activities, thanks to some inheritance issue that has been decided in your favour. There are domestic pressures too and you are at your wits’ end wondering what to do. Your mind is like a yo-yo and you just can’t focus on anything in particular.
Taurus: You try hard to get back on firm ground. Luck is with you and so you haven’t lost out on new opportunities. You are back to solid work with new ventures / projects in place, or in the pipeline but there is a hard slog ahead and you are not sure if you’ll be able to cope. You like the good life and spend a lot on luxuries. At one level, you are slipping and losing ground. But, at another level, this could be the platform to launch yourself in a big way when the time comes.
Gemini: The tide is thankfully turning slowly in y our favour. You are now brimming with energy, zeal and direction and firing away on all cylinders. You will be up to your neck in various activities and just about managing to breathe. You are swimming hard though it’s against the tide. There is hard work, many new career and work openings, love and romance, expenses and investments. You will be perhaps pushed into corners but you cope well and come out trumps.
Cancer: This is a favourable period and you manage to handle your life well. There is harmony in your dealings and disturbing affairs are easily settled. Legal issues come to the fore and require your attention. Health may also need some care. But on the plus side, all these challenges are making you ‘match fit’ and ready to take on bigger challenges in the future. You also being to look at the money angle more seriously and think of cutting down on extravagances.
Leo: The stage is being set for expansion and recognition. Your self-worth and image are crucial to you and your confidence is surging. Your new career / work avenues are also rewarding despite all the hiccups and expenses. But remember – ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. The investments made now will bear fruit in the long run. You do spectacularly well in a venture involving overseas business or trade.
Virgo: You settle down into a regular groove as the period progresses. You are more balanced and look at new ideas and new achievements. On the fun side, there will be also social outings with loved ones and collaborations of all kinds, both personal and professional. You are making rapid progress and making good money too. You will lead the team well and enjoy the full support of colleagues. You mean business and will come up with startling and innovative ideas.
Libra: You are brimming with new ideas and there is rapid and genuine progress which will not be short-lived; all your plans are directed for the long haul. You are a sympathetic leader and, as we all know by now, nothing succeeds like success. So all your earlier innovative ideas and plans, which may have been misunderstood or criticised in certain quarters and have now come up trumps co-operation, win applause and approval.
Scorpio: You work hard and with tact and diplomacy alongside and climb several peaks. You have a genial attitude about you, and an easy way of making friends. You are popular at work and are often the soul of the party with your easygoing manner and genuine charm. You love the demands make on you and are happy to fulfill all your responsibilities. Money is not a problem and the family is well settled too.
Sagittarius: You will become a stickler for the fine points at work and examine the minutest details with a magnifying glass. There is a lot of balancing to do – with family, friends and work. There are demands on your time from parents and siblings, as also increasing work pressures which invariably accompany all expansion activity. This phase is a valuable learning experience. You learn to micro-manage time and all the demands on you very efficiently.
Capricorn: The period is moving towards its final period and this period in your own sign, which is usually beneficial for all signs. You will rise in the company echelons or, if self-employed, make enormous waves. You travel a lot and strike lucrative deals. There could be business collaborations. There is a tremendous rise in your position, popularity and authority.
Aquarius: You are riding the crest wave. Your efforts are crowned by success and recognition at the work place. There is also joy, satisfaction and true pleasure at home. You are happy with all that is happening and you radiate good feelings which are picked up by those around you. You are deeply loved, appreciated, understood and cherished and if, in a new romance, you live a dream. You are a charmer even when the tide is not in your favour.
Pisces: You ride the wave in style. Nothing stops you now. The latter half of the period is fortunate. You are flexible and easygoing and don’t lose your cool. There is deep, inner joy which works its magic in all areas of your life. There will be travel, collaborations and meetings at all levels. If in the media, you do wonderfully well and get renown for your creative genius. You come up with ideas that baffle your peers and win acclaim.


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