Weekly Astrology Horoscope for January 29 - February 4, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                January 29 – February 4, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says as a result of your evaluation of yourself, there is genuine evolution. You gain in credibility, popularity and authority. People look up to you. Creative pursuits, be it the cinema, television, the performing arts, every aspect of the media, hobbies, even speculation and playing the market, will be indulged in. You have an open frame of mind leading to greater ingenuity as well as better, brighter ideas. Bonds and ties of love will give you new focus.
Taurus: As a results of your involvement with family and domesticity, your handling of people is marvellous. Anyway, as I have always said, taureans have a genuine fondness for people, in fact for the entire human race. You have reached a point in your personal growth where there is no room for hurt, acrimony, false expectations or acquisitions in all your interactions. Ganesha says that this has also been achieved in the professional sphere.
Gemini: This is a period of quality interactions. There is gain at all levels; you make money and also powerful emotional bonds. You know that being adjustable and adaptable makes for greater happiness, peace, contentment. Ultimately, that’s what we all desire. You are more relaxed and responsive to others, and there are gains in the offing. You stand on solid ground and there is no dilly-dallying. You make sustained progress, and impressive as a result.
Cancer: Money and the people in your life, though not necessarily in that order, will be the two main themes in this period. You will reach out to new and old friends and acquaintances and make good profits from business as well. You will be moving at great speed in a bid to improve both these areas of your life. But Ganesha warns against too much socialising and also mixing business with pleasure.
Leo: Watch out for new developments. You will be looking at true growth, comprising your own assets and your larger role in the community. You will look inwards at your own limitations and will also spend time with welfare activities and charities. You move positively from the worldly affairs that occupied you till recently to more self-analysis and introspection. Your main criterion is personal growth and you will do all that you can to progress in the right direction.
Virgo: You probably feel that you have been pursuing the wrong goals. The focus will be on loans and funds and, strangely, on passion and sex. There may also be some neuroses, anxiety, minor ailments and an unsettled feeling to contend with. You may turn to prayer and meditation. This is a testing time and you will tap into the spiritual nooks and crannies of your being, and your soul for answers. A lot has been happening and much too soon. You need to take stock of life and to slow down.
Libra: Your good spirits will be restored. There will be success with people and you want to have fun and enjoy the limelight. You seek out good company, good friends, good food and all the good things of life which I mentioned earlier. Being sociable, amiable and outgoing, you will be partying and socialising. Ganesha has given you charisma and charm, even good looks and a deceptively seductive manner. The entire family will draw closer, and surround you with warmth.
Scorpio: Money and the people in your life will both be in sharp focus this period. You will look at new avenues of business, sources of income. Ganesha warns against both, a) too much socialising, once again, and not to b) mixing business with pleasure. This may lead to situations you don’t want to get into and are better off without. You are friendly and sociable and also keen to get on with overhauling of your both career and income.
Sagittarius: Your life is moving at a certain pace and in the right direction and you will be fulfilled with a sense of satisfaction. Ganesha sends you your due rewards in several ways. This is a joyous phase filled with good tidings. There is a welcome twist too with travel, journeys for fun or for work, partnerships and ties, whether new or old romantic ties and attachments, even greater joy in matrimony and other bonds.
Capricorn: This is the time for the expansion and extension of your mental horizons. New inclinations and predilections, a new focus, are even more likely to emerge than they were last period. You move towards spirituality and the higher issues of life and are concerned with justice, law and order and the higher consciousness. More than just acquiring knowledge, it will be a widening of the vistas of your mind that interests you. Travel, publicity, visits, interviews, meets, conferences, collaborations and networking within and outside the family.
Aquarius: At one level, you are at the crossroads. You need to make strong decisions. You don’t want your success / popularity, good interactions to slip and falter. It is also a good time to help the community at large, to share resources, give charity or monetary help. You work with purpose and want to get your act together professionally in the larger social context as well as within your immediate social circle.
Pisces: You will look at changing your lifestyle and priorities. You need to get your act together and need to do some hard rethinking. Ganesha tells you to look deep within yourself: you have had too much of a social life, been a party animal, and your expenses are also mounting. You need to guard against arousing animosity in others as well. Take the necessary precautions and you are in line for the four Gs – gains, glory, good times and genuine companions. What more does one need?


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