Weekly Astrology Horoscope for March 5 - March 11, 2018 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                March 5 – March 11, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says with your restored and enhanced perception of life you will take it easy, be relaxed, a bit laid – back too. You are happy and optimistic and take time away from work with your lover / social outings with friends, children and parents. You find joy in building and maintaining valuable partnerships and have a gentle loving attitude which helps foster intimate bonds. It is not all as rosy as it sounds and you could face hurdles, setbacks and delays coupled with sluggish funds and unexpected expenses.
Taurus: There has been a steadily increasing awareness of the importance of relationships in your life for the past period. So, a further strengthening and bonding, at work and at home, can be achieved through mutual care and respect. Strife and friction, when they occur, should be tactfully and diplomatically handled. As we all know, peaceful solutions will lead to greater growth and progress. Control your ego and allow wiser counsel to prevail.
Gemini: You are determined to sustain the growth you have achieved and even build further on it. This is an action-packed period as you find your hands full at work, much more than you can handle. The rewards are immediate and, buoyed, you push ahead frenetically. This could lead to a burnout, causing more harm than good. So use available resources judiciously to avoid such an eventuality. Spending time in the company of small children / pets and on hobbies / leisure pursuits could energise you.
Cancer: The hectic work situation slows down to some extent in this period. You are satisfied with the way your projects have turned out and now you feel relaxed enough to spend time with your loved ones. Home matters occupy your mind and you may even delve deep into the history of your family. Family trees, older relatives, extended family, visits to the ancestral home, even taking shock of ancestral property are some of the ways the current trend may manifest in your life.
Leo: You now allow yourself to become more relaxed and enjoy a “chilled out” time, as they say, with your loved ones. The married may want to renew their marriage vows or go on a second honeymoon. This intensely passionate time also affects your money angle. So, get your account books out and keep track of expenses. You do have to pay for all your indulgences and so a tab on expenses will be prudent. It may be a good idea to avoid any new undertakings at this time.
Virgo: Having all aspects of your life running smoothly like the well-oiled wheels of an engine, you feel content as acknowledgement and appreciation pour in for your brilliant performances at work. You now enjoy an enhanced stature in society, and this is very gratifying, especially if you look back at the hard work and sacrifices you have made to get there. But now there is a complete contrast, a veritable volte-face, as you move away from the absolute grind of the past period to the present mood of pure elation.
Libra: Your confidence as well as the caring side of your nature will be at an all-time high as you give and get love and affection in equal measure from your family and loved ones. The past period has given you some exceptionally special moments, heart-warming and thoroughly enjoyable, with your spouse / lover and children / parents. The temptation of going overboard and showering them with the most precious gift of all – your time – will fill you with pure joy and happiness.
Scorpio: Happiness and contentment come into your personal life through the blessings of Ganesha. There is closeness and warmth in all your relationships leading to greater pleasure and cheer. Your spouse / lover showers you will love and you reciprocate. It is a lucky period in which unexpected profits flow in and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour. There is exultation and exuberance in your life as material success pale in front of the ecstasy of soul-stirring relationships.
Sagittarius: Professional pursuits hold your interests. You set gargantuan goals and expect to achieve them. Each and every aspect of your life is at its peak and fills you with a heightened sense of self-worth. There are monetary gains too. Your accomplishments fill you with pride and you are on a roll but the tendency to neglect intimate relationships, children and health issues could gain cause roadblocks in your progress.
Capricorn: You will experience true inner peace and contentment this period. You have worked hard, conscientiously and consistently, and the results have been superlative; you were absolutely deserving of the awards and rewards that come your way. Your performance at the work place has been stellar, to say the least, but now you look at issues far removed from the workplace. You are less fiery and ambitious and are more complacent and calm in your interactions.
Aquarius: You will be closer to people now and enjoying the new bonds you have forged in the past period. You look forward eagerly to widen your personal horizons and the scope of your interactions and relationships. All kinds of gains have come to you but now a completely different dimension of connections, communications and collaborations opens up. Geographical / physical boundaries and limitations are no longer a hindrance as a fresh universe virtually opens up before you as you make full use of the latest networking tools.
Pisces: Ganesha gives you just about everything that you wish for. But your focus will continue to remain on your work. A strong network of friends / relatives, in-laws is your lifeline as you immerse yourself completely into professional commitments. Your efforts are scintillating, sparkling and truly divine. You plumb the depths of your inner being to bring forth creations of supreme innovation, novelty and originality. This is an excellent time for those in artistic professions.


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