Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 11 - June 17, 2018 by ASTROLOGER BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                June 11 – June 17, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there is a true desire to give, great reciprocity in your attitude. You receive much in terms of affection, love, emoluments and you are open – handed and generous in giving them back! Like Ganesha all his devotees. You are professional at work, caring and tender with loved ones and lover / spouse, and brilliantly confident in financial dealings.

Taurus: My often used phrase “Hard work, matching rewards” sums up the entire gamut of activities this period. While advancement and progress in career and profession are important, they certainly don’t form the total picture. You work equally hard at your relationships, family responsibilities, at your personal ambition as a more contained human being.

Gemini: Once again, you redefine your focus and your motivation. I’ll come back to this in just a moment. Let me first mention support, help, shared responsibility towards dependents, parents and in – laws, older people, relatives in general. Therefore, the focus – immediate and extended family find that no effort is spared by you, also time, money, affection.

Cancer: I can just conclude this period forecast in one sentence “More of the same” as last period. Let me spell it out, though. You display sympathy, tact, understanding at work as well as in the domestic scene. You are patient and very, very hard working but you do it willingly. In fact, you do it with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. Glorious contentment and waves of affection lap your feet!

Leo: It is now a propitious time for planning new ventures, projects, enterprises. You are eager to work. In fact, slogging don’t frighten you – you relish it, almost. You still create little oases of relaxation, joy, comfort, tenderness not just within the intimate family circle but with new acquaintances and friends, too. They all get a warm welcome to your heart and your hearth.

Virgo: You’ve had so many good things coming you to from Ganesha. They have been both tangible (money, prospects, assets) and intangible (friendship, family, love). Now you assess the responsibilities they bring. You’re willing to do your best for your marriage, your family. Nothing is too great an effort. I’m talking of mindsets / attitudes here. At work, you find rapid changes, ever – escalating expectations.

Libra: Your family itself and family affairs are your top priority, that’s for sure. You are unswerving in your devotion, loyalty, attachment. You’re careful with your money now, despite lots of social activity / entertaining. You love to spend on children / dependents / pets, on objects of luxury and comfort for the home, on the home / house itself. Your work angle is greatly energised and you strive to give it your best shot.

Scorpio: Your work angle remains a source of satisfaction but you’re more family – oriented this period, too, as in the preceding period. These values are here to stay in your life – for sometime, if not for every. As I say frequently, there are no guarantees in life and in astrology. You fulfil your responsibilities to society, too, giving back more than you take from it, from nature, from the environment.

Sagittarius: You are brimming over with self – confidence, with the security of things going right for quite some time now. It could make you a bit crass, a bit cocky if you don’t watch out. But your growing caring, commitment, kindness, empathy may easily prevent that from happening. What does happen is a much higher happiness quotient, levels of satisfaction, joy in relationships.

Capricorn: For some period now, your activities have been personalised, individual – centred, revolving round matters to do with home and family. Now it’s a big – time gains in money. You are surrounded, enveloped, ensconced in luxury, comfort, prosperity. Love, too, for good measure, is vital, intense. Fulfilment and satisfaction come to you in many ways, not least of them being communications, contacts, ties.

Aquarius: It is as if Ganesha can’t stop giving you all that you desire. Hopes, ambitions, dreams are all coming true; wish – fulfilment is likely. On the financial scene, we’re now talking of mega – bucks – capital, funds, start – up loans and such. Family, lover, mate are where you really strike it rich, though. You’ll feel that nothing can surpass the joy, satisfaction, contentment you now share with them.

Pisces: You now take on a major self – enhancement exercise. Please notice that I have not said self – improvement. That would imply that something was lacking – which it was not, actually. Work, personal relationships, family life all flower in this scenario. You seek to add to your personally, home, wardrobe, physique, assets, jewels, accessories –you name it! For the most part, I must say, you meet with spectacular success.


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