Weekly Astrology Horoscope for December 18 - December 24, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                December 18 – December 24
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says you made remarkable progress last period, and in all probability, depending on the personal horoscope of course, the progress and good trends will continue. You are relating better to people both close to you and to outsiders and you will be expanding your scope of interests / work in several directions. There is profitable travel foretold, resulting in several new projects that you are keen to embark on and make a success of.
Taurus: You move along quite well as the period unfolds to its second period. All your financial affairs and other commitments are under control and there is a semblance of peace in your life. You feel that you have finally arrived on the big stage and decide to push further to consolidate your efforts. There are also family responsibilities to attend to and some sudden expenses which may require extra liquidity or just more cash!
Gemini: This is a time for family bonding. You love your circle of friends and hate hurting anyone deliberately. As a result, there are huge demands on your time and you spread yourself very thin. Your personal affairs suffer as a result. Remember, you can’t please everyone all the time and if you try this, you may only be hurting yourself, and the ones who are really close to you. They may begin to feel that you are neglecting them which is not true.
Cancer: You are not one to live in isolation; in fact, you are not at all inclined to be the lone wolf or the intense introvert. This period you are not just an extrovert but an intense extrovert as you make contacts and party with a rare enthusiasm. There is nothing specific to celebrate but you are enjoying the moment and that is reason enough. You are romantic and flirt with abandon. There is romance and passion in your life.
Leo: The mood continues to be light. You flirt with romance and light-hearted flings with an ‘I-care-a-damn’ attitude. You are surrounded by admirers and take care not to hurt feelings which may be far more genuine and intense than yours at this time. You find solace in friendships and social gatherings and indulge in all the joy that can give leisure and pleasure. There is travel, communication at all levels, collaborations, meetings, and amidst great bonhomie.
Virgo: You have been spending a lot in the last period and now your attention shifts to money matters and how to conserve your resources. There is some spending too but it is judicious. You embark on new career plans and get a chance to spruce up your image. If in love, you may get serious and more committed about your partner. If not, you look for deep romance that can stir your soul. But, somehow, you find it difficult to fix your attentions on one person for too long.
Libra: Expenses mount and you will live in expansion mode, making purchases and investments which add considerable value to your life. There is enhancement of property, assets and other such acquisitions. There are also domestic matters to look into, including, possibly, illness in the family or some such emergency. If you are looking at foreign travel, it may be a good time to process your papers.
Scorpio: There is lot of movement, which could well be in your interests. You may shift home or office and there could be huge expansion at all levels. There are elements of some exciting new touch of romance too and a lot of passion and your relationships and interactions will gain in depth. Money flows in but also flows out. You have to plug the leak fast. Ganesha gives you good finances this period and you live well but you are certainly not putting anything aside for a rainy day.
Sagittarius: Open displays of emotion are not your forte as such, but this period there are reasons for extremes of emotion. There are events at home that get you all tied up in knots and you get extra – sensitive to criticism. You need to go slow and cut the flab out of your life. Ganesha tells you not to be rash and hasty in your decision – making. You also have to take a clear stand on all your financial dealings; try and keep borrowings to a minimum.
Capricorn: You spread yourself this period and communicate effectively with all you come into contact with. Money is still slipping from your hands but this is not a real concern as you are confident that you will make up what’s necessary. You feel, therefore, that you can afford to take it easy a bit and relax and spend time with loved ones and friends. There is powerful bonding with family and that more than makes up for the distractions that could happen on the work front.
Aquarius: There are changes in your life now and you come to grips with reality. Your focus shifts to streamlining the work area and you are highly motivated to do it. A much larger vision is yours now. It is also a good time to travel and make plans for wider communication and mental growth. You plunge into work and want to make up for lost time.
 Pisces: The movement you have just initiated towards work and success is substantive. Many old associates also come to assist you and you manage to rid yourself of the temptation of fun and freedom and get down to the business of making a living in right earnest. If you are employed, you may move jobs for better prospects. If you are self – employed, expansion and growth will be the theme of this period. 


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