Weekly Astrology Horoscope for December 25 - December 31, 2017 by Bejan Daruwalla


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                December 25 – December 31
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says you are on an intense binge. You have a changed perspective and now display a great work ethic. You fire on all cylinders and make rapid progress. Associates and colleagues are inspired by your leadership abilities and vision and you will make several key decisions. There will be important collaborations and the signing of deals which will benefit you in the long run. It may be wise here to curb your tongue and to go slow on the ego drives.
Taurus: Hard work is an integral part of your psyche at this juncture. You are full of vision, optimism and faith and you inspire all those around you to give their best. You gain the support of friends, admirers, acquaintances and lovers. These are good times and there may be the blossoming of a romance with someone you meet at work, a sort of office romance, I may add. Tread carefully. There are beautiful moments of stolen love and you are on a high.
Gemini: You make progress and cover a lot of lost ground. You make purchases and are filled with a love for beauty and all the good things of life. The giant strides you are making now will be the result of the changed mental ethos that you have created within you, caring for those around you, being tolerant and less critical. The softer persona makes for much more happiness and also helps to gain the true co-operation of colleagues / co-workers, bosses / sub-ordinates / employees.
Cancer: You rise to the challenges of hard work and career advancement and initial several projects that stretch your imagination, capabilities and skills. Your achievements are impressive and you win applause from all period. You embark on many new projects that underscore your ingenuity and creativity. But, despite it all, you are in a thoughtful mood and tend to get depressed for no particular reason. You are fascinated by the human mind and the behaviour patterns of the people you meet.
Leo: There is a new focus and thrust and you are assured of success in your ventures. Work increases and you have no time to party; even the weekend meetings with friends and loved ones will be taken up by work pressures. This is a really favourable phase in which you make rapid progress. There is expansion in several spheres, work wise and a lot of money needs to be invested. But this is definitely money well-spent because you will earn the dividends later on.
Virgo: Work is progressing well and there is also travel thrown in. You are determined to sustain the growth that you have achieved and to even up the tempo. You grow as a person and earn the respect and admiration of your peers. I must add here that in life one always loses a bit when one gains something else and there is no escape from this cardinal principle. Which is why it is necessary to know what you really want from life. Right now, you are on a work phase and you are losing out quality time with family and friend which irks you.
Libra: The work phase is in full-swing and you are making waves. There is intensity in whatever you do and the stage seems set for passion. Love enters your life and sets it like a wick in a haystack. A new relationship has your heart racing but you are caught in it, and are helpless. Without a doubt, you are overextending yourself. There are possibilities of a burn-out and ill-health but you are pulled to the flame like a month. You know that it could be ruinous but you are unable to steer the direction of your life to safer areas.
Scorpio: Thankfully, you slow down a bit now and make the correct decisions. There is more sanity in your dealings and you stretch to meet more people. There are partnerships, collaborations and tie-ups at work. You show interest in higher studies, spirituality and faith. You turn to religion and look for answers. You look for a grip on life and spend time with family and friends. It is a welcome break from the smouldering intensity of last period.
Sagittarius: You find isolated; in fact, you need for privacy leads you to long periods of solitude during which you don’t even tell your loved ones where you are, which is quite difficult for them to cope with or accept. But you need this ‘me’ time in which you probe deep questions about life and death and your purpose on this planet in the particular circumstances you are in. You are not really depressed but you are looking for answers which are not easily forthcoming.
Capricorn: You are back on terra firma with many disturbing psychological questions seemingly answered. There is more happiness and contentment. You are cheerful and warm, tolerant and more accepting of yourself, others and situations which earlier infuriated you no end. As result, there is joy in all your interactions. You are a softer and more rounded person now and you look at life from a different prism and perspective.
Aquarius: You stretch yourself in all directions. You reach out to people and they respond favourably. Your plate is full of overflowing with events and activities. Family and loved ones expect much from you in this period. Work takes a back seat and you quite like - and do justice to all the socialising. There is travel, expenses of all kinds, and some stresses. You find cracks developing in some new-found love and this disturbs you.
Pisces: People continue to be an integral area of your life. But you need to be objective and dispassionate and re-evaluate and reassess your life and your attitudes. You will realise that you are not centred and are being pulled in many directions simultaneously. The moment you get your teeth into something, you lose interest and move on. This can get disconcerting and irritating to you and the persons involved. Your mind wanders and you are unable to stick to anything for any length of time.


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