Astrologer's rose and request to Dame Fate (For Carol) - BEJAN DARUWALLA


                   Shree Ganeshaya Namah
Astrologer's rose and request to Dame Fate (For Carol)
                   (My favourite poem)
                   By Bejan Daruwalla
You and I, Dame Fate,
Old friends, shared moments, broken bread
A karmic bond
Old as the misty hills, far away galaxies, fathomless seas
We have known each other
From big bang and onwards.
Now I come to you
With a rose and a request
Let your slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Fall where they may
But not the children
Spread your grown of grace on them
Let us, both, share
The patter of their tiny feet
Their leap of delight into our waiting arms
Their tiny tight tight hugs
Their cascades of laughter
All over the world.


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