Weekly Astrology Horoscope for June 4 - June 10, 2018 by ASTROLOGER BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                June 4 – June 10, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Ganesha says there is outstanding success in store for you. You are determined and all fired up and move in the right direction with panache. You weed out all that you don’t need which includes friends who don’t mean well and other pretenders. Your attitude is right and you have an infectious optimism which will ensure that you get your point across without ruffling feathers. Family bonding will also be pleasing, fulfilling and there are promises of success and joy in all areas of your life.

Taurus: While the work area is moving along smoothly, you also make some personal conquests. You are more creative and attract many like minded people who will collaborate with you both at work and at play. You pave the path to success with concrete results. Your work skills are sharpened and your personal equations enhanced. You have laid the foundations and it is time to work on them and reap the dividends.

Gemini: There is beauty this period and also a reaching out to many people of great value to your personal and professional life. There are many emotions which will surface and there will be an intense love too. Along with all this will be expenses; you will be making many purchases for the home and office and sprucing up your surroundings with more comfort and glitter. Your heart will rule and there may be wasteful spending too, as many decisions you make now will not be rational and will be based on impulse.

Cancer: There is steady progress, in fact there has been steady progress for a long time now, but this is a period when you take a step back and introspect. You are filled with ideas and it is not all about work, money and career advancement. You think about the mysteries of life and even get philanthropic. You want to give something to those who are less fortunate and lend a helping hand to those who need it; you want to give back to life in a thanksgiving of sorts.

Leo: After the break of the last period, you once again are on a high note. You make steady progress and money comes to you effortlessly. I must add here that I use money as a yardstick of success here, but money isn’t the only yardstick. Life has many other equally or more important aspects. But, for the moment at least, you have worked for money and you will get it. Ganesha showers you with prosperity and you bask in it.

Virgo: You are expanding your areas of interest furiously. Your canvas is larger than life and you are making great progress. Hobbies, sports and leisure activities excite you and you focus on pleasurable activities / pastimes. There are many new ventures, avenues and interests to spend expend your recharged energies on. You love work and spend with abandon like there is no tomorrow. You live for the moment and the ‘now’ is all that is relevant to you.

Libra: Love rules your life and you move away from the routine of work and money. You may be caught off guard this moment of insanity will also pass, like everything else in life. You are trapped in the maya of passion and nothing else makes sense to you now. You reach out and bare your inner most self and the response is also immediate and intense. You are riding a tidal wave and hopefully it will take you where it should even if it is the rocks. After all, how much of destiny can we change?

Scorpio: The mood mellows a bit now and you take step backwards and manage to observe and evaluate the goings – on the last period objectively. Love is in the air but you get a grip on yourself. Watch your back and also your heath. Explosive emotions can lead to ill-health and you have to be careful. You also get a bit sensitive to other’s remarks and there are all types of little expenses and pinpricks which somehow disturb the harmony of the period. You also meet many new people who share your vision of a better tomorrow and a better world.

Sagittarius: Many people enter your life now. The earlier passion and intensity will fizzle out and there could be new platonic associations which are useful for work and career enhancement. More than the material gains you make will be the reaching out and the establishing of the right contacts. You sow the seeds for future businesses and meet people you can tap when the need arises. And arise it will, says Ganesha. You are strongly determined to move ahead.

Capricorn: You now get focused and stable and fire on all cylinders. The insanity of the past is over and now you look at the finer details at work meticulously. You pore over the fine print with a magnifying glass and cover lost ground with a vengeance. All the minutest points will be checked and you make sure that no one can cheat you. But watch out, you can get to be a nag and get too suspicious of even well meaning people. You may acquire a new wardrobe too.

Aquarius: You will spread yourself thin now. You will be meeting people and there will also be some travel. Some religious and spiritual inclinations also work their way into your busy schedule. There will be spending and many new acquisitions along with new romances and a lot of entertainment. You want to try your hand at different things and may take up new hobbies and interests. There is joy in personal relationships and you also socialise a lot.

Pisces: There is renewed zest and vigour in your professional life you move ahead as one possessed. You enter the arena of life, throw challenges at all and sundry, and emerge the winner. Your horizons broaden and there are many new projects on hand. You go for the jugular in both work and leisure. There is an intensity of purpose and you achieve a lot in a very short time. Your purchases, even of they are absurdly flamboyant, will have genuine and lasting value.


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