Weekly Astrology Horoscope for May 21- May 27, 2018 by ASTROLOGER BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                May 21 – May 27, 2018
                By Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Aries: Emotions continue to run high. You are traipsing an electric wire, ready to snap. Nothing works out your way completely and several compromises will have to be made in all your dealings. Sometimes, you feel defeated but Ganesha advises you to just hang in there and wait patiently for the tide to change. You do spend time at work and at home solving various domestic issues but you are not all there.

Taurus: You make a conscious effort to handle the situation that is slowly getting out of hand. This results in dividends, and a type of parity is restores in your affairs. There are splendid opportunities for advancement and this is a good time to strike. There is money to be made and new ventures waiting to be started. You are looking at achievements and recognition. You identify areas of potential growth and go for it.

Gemini: The hard work phase continues. You do well and earn plaudits from your peer group. You are moving ahead uncompromisingly and are meeting all your targets and schedules. There are expenses, wining and dining and affairs of the heart. You could be embroiled in an office affair and this disturbs the peace. You are much more alert, lively and healthy and filled with new found zeal. You are driven to make a success of your life and your hormones are also flying off in different directions.

Cancer: A lot of quality time will be spent with family and friends in this period. There could be weddings, engagements and other family functions to attend. While a lot of time is spent with family, I must hasten to add here that it may not all be happy. There could be illnesses and some strife in the form of divorce or some problem in an alimony suit. You will either be the mediator or one of the parties needing help; any which way you will be in the thick of it.

Leo: There is sharpness in your life, an edge that was never there. You realise that you have been procrastinating and postponing the settlement of various pending issues in your life. So this period, you try to set your house in order. Friends and new and old romances show up but you are preoccupied with the nitty gritty. Your life is on the verge of an upheaval and if you don’t plug the corners now, it may just be too late. So you go about cleaning the stables with single-mindedness.

Virgo: A lot is happening in your life now. You are in the edge of many cross-currents and will participate in all kinds of social activities. You feel wanted, cherished and loved. You realise that you are really popular and don’t have to be the lone wolf any more. You don’t have to carry the cross and chafe your shoulders. You are publicly feted and are the cynosure of all eyes. You feel blessed, loved, humbled and feel at peace and in gratitude to existence for making this happen.

Libra: No full lasts long, and work calls. You’ll get back to business and profession in a really big way now. Work is on an upward swing and you will be actively involved in new business enterprises and undertakings. You make good money and will feel secure. There will be travel too. Collaborations, purchases, comforts, luxuries and vestiges of the good life infuse you with fresh enthusiasm. You display awesome stamina and can move mountains during this period.

Scorpio: You continue with a scintillating performance and consolidate your gains. There will be expenses and a hectic social life. Family ties will be strengthened and you will be busy renovating, redecorating and refurbishing. You will be the centre of attraction at family gatherings and you will enjoy it. Your interactions will be stronger and more meaningful and life will acquire a pleasant hue.

Sagittarius: This can be a period of new beginnings both at home and at work. You will make money and also spend it. Lending / borrowing, funds, capital-raising, loans, stocks, realty and buying and selling will occupy your time. This is the tie to plan and strategise for the coming period. There are many new openings on the anvil and a lot depends on how you optimise the chances that come your way. This can be a very profitable phase and it all depends on how you cash in on it.

Capricorn: You spend time helping the poor and the downtrodden. You visit old people’s homes, hospitals, hospices, shelters, half-way homes and other such institutions and help out with cash and kind. You have great empathy for the underdog and frequently take this route. Even if you don’t have the resources to do this you spend time helping out family members, friends, colleagues and others in distress. You feel god about it and the world is a better place thanks to souls like you.

Aquarius: You scatter your energies and they don’t result in much. Money comes in through one hand and goes out with ease through the other. You while away time merrymaking and hanging out with friends as though you have no care in the world. Momentarily, at least, your life has lost direction. You look for approval but it isn’t forthcoming. You are told in no uncertain terms, by friends and family that you need to get your act together, and fast. You value their opinion and make amends.

Pisces: The period sees a thread of intensity in all your dealings. You are pushing ahead without stops with a new resolve and ambition. You are confident and charismatic, full of magnetism and drive. Your popularity soars and all that you embark on or consolidate leads to success. You don’t have much time for the family now but work and its rewards are appetising. Ganesha sees you turbo charged as you successfully accomplish one task after another.


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