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                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Challenges for a New Religion
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Ganesha, Allah, Christ, Buddha and all the Energies say in one voice, “People of the World, you are now in the Aquarian age. Simply put, the Aquarian age is all about communication, collectivity, connectivity, colossal consciousness, energy (5 Cs). To get it right, there should be a marriage of technology, humanity and spirituality. Result? Evolution and Revolution. Now people of the world, it is up to you to work it out.”
                        BOOMERANG SHIELD
For 30 years I have been playing and dreaming of the idea of the boomerang shield. The scientists and the technicians will finally invent the boomerang shield. This boomerang shield is a mighty collective energy in the form of light, shield, disc and so on. What is the use and purpose of it? If a fighter air craft fires a missile, or if a super powerful gun fires a mighty bullet against another country or even another person, the boomerang shield will revert and return the missile or bullet to the fighter aircraft. THIS WILL BE A MIGHTY FINE DETERRANT. The same principle of boomerang shield could apply to a human being. For example if A hates B and projects wicked emotions and ideas, a plan for destruction, it will all revert to the evil person. It will be very effective for the simple reason that we are human beings and our strongest instinct is survival.
                                MAD IDEA
I know this is a mad idea. But the energy of the black hole and the energy of the mother for the child will somehow fuse and therefore heal the world to a great extent. To me technology is mighty important.
                        WIPE OUT GAS
What do we do with terrorists, psychopaths, rapists, sadists, murderers born without a conscience? I believe, rightly or wrongly that we all respond to frequencies, vibrations and movements. Scientists and biologists should get together and invent a wipe out gas which erases and destroys the genes and chromosomes of these wicked persons. I admit that this might sound impossible and even stupid. But we are human beings with a fistful of wonderful dreams, inspiration, imagination and achieving the impossible. To me we human beings are capable of going to the end of the line and even beyond. That says it all.
                        HUG AND BUG
I believe this is another very fine example of the fusing of technology, humanity and spirituality. A hug is an invitation to the world. With open arms the hugger indicates to one and all, “come, come right into my heart. Come, all the doors are wide open for you”
Different people, different strokes, as the American say. I agree to it. I am not a scientist. But it is possible that the hug cranks up and jiggles our atoms, molecules, protons, neurons and by doing so they kiss the atoms, molecules, protons, neurons of the other person in a hug. Hug could well be a scientific kiss. This would put the hug on another different level altogether.
The latest in science is, “You can be identified by your microbial cloud”. Three sources contribute to the air borne cloud of bacteria surrounding us: dust, emissions from clothing and emissions from the person. In a hug the microbial clouds of the 2 persons could come together. This possibility could be astounding, marvellous and a different kind of explanation to the power and significance of a hug. Maybe science and a loving heart find a meeting point in a hug.
Hug is so huge, that it helps in congratulations and heals in condolence. The hug intertwines us with nature herself.  I have known of sages and saints who have embraced the Earth and finally seen the light in the void. I call it consciousness through compassion. Hug is the powerful puissant peak of union between two kindred spirits. We Parsees love to laugh. I firmly believe that a hug and laughter are the saving grace of life and also man’s final defiance to all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Therefore I say:
The world is a big bloody bug
Without a huge happy hug.

                        3 BODY BUTTONS
We will be half human and half Robots. We will know who will like us, love us, hate us, marry us by pressing three body buttons – red, white and green and confirming it with the opposite number – red for no, white for maybe, green for big, beautiful yes. My only regret is I am 85 and too old for it! Ha Ha Ha
                        Hope, Love, Laughter
To me laughter is both acceptance and defiance. Only those who accept themselves completely are capable of laughing at their own self. But laughter is also the last armoury of defiance against the slings and arrows of life. Laughter is our badge of humanity. All of us should wear it proudly. Humour is most certainly the saving grace of life. Creativity is the magic of life. Love is the bonding of life. Hope is the aspiration of life.
“Love is a serpent coil
hugging hungrily a millennium
not for power and might
but laughter and light.”
This is from my own poem. I know so much has been written about the power of love that it could fill up the huge empty spaces in the galaxies. Hope is an extention of us. It is our life blood. We aspire to it. Hope helps, encourages, inspires, motivates and finally helps us as a hook to life itself, with all its complications and contradictions.
My gut feeling says that the Jews could well be the chosen people of God. I am neither a jew nor a muslim. What I like best about Judaism is, “Behold, how good and how lovely it is when brethren dwell together in unity.” Christianity to me is about love and shouldering the burden of the world. To me this very concept is magnificent and shattering. The Hindu concept of supreme consciousness and reincarnation makes me gasp with wonder and joy. The Zorastrian concept of purity, goodness, right word, right thought, right action moves my spirit. The Buddhist concept of the monk coming to the brink of salvation, but returning back to the world to help humanity shows the depth of an ocean of compassion. If you ask me personally, and I admit I may be wrong it is the heart and the imagination and the inspiration which is the binding force of religion and spirituality. I repeat that you are welcome to your own opinion.
In nature I include the entire cosmos. I divide nature into 2 distinct parts: 1) abundance 2) variety. To that I add scientific curiosity of the Rig Vedas.
“Neither being nor non – being was as yet.
What was concealed? And where?
And in whose protection?....
Who really knows? Who can declare it?
Whence was it born, and whence came this creation?
I keep an open mind. You may believe me or not. But I say in all humility and sincerity that I actually see with my naked eyes trees becoming rockets, their roots blasting out fire and light, and like rockets shooting upwards at more than light speed. I shiver in pure wonder and ecstasy. But I know it is then that I know that we are all infinite, connected and born for a higher purpose which we can only imagine. It seems to me that we are on the border line of infinity. Even as I write it, I am shaken.
If you ask me to say in one word what is life all about. I will say relationships. We live in an age where belief in belief is dead. Therefore for many people God does not exist. Also, I must admit that religion is important and helps us to be good if not great. To me it does not matter if you are religious or not. But prejudice, orthodoxy, egotism, which says, “I alone am right and others hopelessly wrong is horrendous and the poison of all relationships.” Open Mindedness should be inculcated in all the children of the world. No country has a monopoly on religion, food, habits, behaviour patterns, in short about RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships can be from the physical to the emotional, to the spiritual.
You my readers have every right to differ from me. In India we do not say astrology. We say Jyotishi. Jyot means light. Ish means God. Therefore Jyotishi is the light of God. As a human being, an astrologer, a poet, I can say from personal experience as well as the confession people make to me that in the final analysis compassion and consciousness are one. These two are the very core of our existence.
Collectivity (Jewish non profit and cultural centre)
The essence of the Aquarian age is in collectivity or being together as one mighty unit. Reason why? The sign Aquarius for us Indians resolves to the sign Kumbha. The largest gathering of the entire world is in the festival of kumbha. Let me put it in a different way. Now salvation is not an equation to be resolved in isolation. Aquarius means the uplifting and the soaring of the entire human race. Therefore Jewish non profit and cultural centre is bound to have a mighty and hugely pivotal influence on the world. Let me put it in another way. Jewish non profit and cultural centre is the right centre at the right time and place. Therefore the timing is just right. I have written a couplet about it.
If the timing is right
you are at full throttle might.
                        GOD (Communicator)
In the future God and Mother Nature will have a common thread. You will be able to communicate with God and Nature by telepathy. More surprisingly is the fact that God will be all that you want him to be. This also includes the mighty and cardinal female cardinal energy which rules and rides the world. Thanks to technology, you will be able to: a) actually see God in the form you like. b) The whole world will communicate with him / her simultaneously. c) even if you do not believe in God, God will believe in you. D) to me the world is not an illusion and maya. E) God is often the last frontier of defence. You can not only talk with flowers and trees but actually become flowers and trees for an instant or so. I call it in simple language as imaginative sympathy. God to me therefore is the great COMMUNICATOR.
The Aquarian age is all about revolution and evolution. It is about the entire human race as I have said before. A poet has summed it up beautifully in the lines,
“To change the sorry scheme of things entire
And bring it to the heart’s secret desire.”
To me technology is King. But I love to quote Paul Brunton, “There is peace behind the tumult, goodness behind the evil. Happiness behind the agony,” Peace is the refrain of all religions. I respect all religions. Here is a final quote from the Atharva Veda. Peace be to earth and to airy spaces, peace be to heaven, peace to the waters, peace to the plants and peace to the trees / May all the Gods grant me peace/ By this invocation of peace may peace be diffused / By this invocation may peace bring peace.... / May everything for us be peaceful!
I repeat that if you are more comfortable with another definition and meaning of peace you are more than welcome to take it, to be with it. It is all about keeping an OPEN MIND.


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