Speaking Tree for September 2017 - BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Speaking Tree for September
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Cleanliness, purity and mysterious creativity is associated with you Virgos because your name is associated with Virgin Mary the mother of Christ. That’s why I predict that Virgo Narendra Modi will be able to cleanse and purify the Ganges. Mighty achievement. But Virgos are school masters. School masters are perhaps too rigid and lay down the law a bit too hard for others to follow. A little bit of tolerance and flexibility is needed. After all, all human beings have their failings.
Aries: Never believe that your life is useless. Never believe that after your death there will be complete silence. Never believe that your grave and resting place will be unmarked. Be sure that your vibrations will remain in the ether forever. In other words be sure that in one way or the other you will never be forgotten.
Taurus: Music, the arts and the rhythm of life itself go naturally with you Taureans. September is the month for all of this. Add to it genuine spirituality, tantra and mantra, birth of children, bhajans, satsangs, entertainment and the natural flow of the energy of life itself. A month to show how good and great you can be.
Gemini: Ganesha says nothing great is easily won.
Nothing great is easily lost.
Every good deed nobly done
will repay the cost.
It means in simple language that you will be rewarded in one way or the other for every good deed you have done. It means nothing good ever goes in vain.
Cancer: Though your grave might be unmarked be sure that you will never be swallowed in silence. A time to make your presence felt by all means of transport and publicity, news and views and messages. Extend a helping hand to one and all and Mother Nature will do exactly the same for you.
Leo: Leo Sprinter Bolt was defeated in the recent Olympics. But though defeated the winner bowed down to him and paid homage. This is the clue to your powerful personality, your image and finally your great spirituality. The Sun is your main planet therefore the mantra is specially meant for you. OM HRAM HREEM HROM SA SURYAYE NAMAH
Virgo: This is the month when you can sweep away one and all by your diligence, intelligence, inspiration and undoubted sincerity as well as imagination. Knowing this it becomes your dharma to do all that you can not only for yourself but for others. Love and duty are the two wheels of your bicycle.
Libra: The peace that passeth understanding as the Bible says can be yours. At the same time paradoxically you may have to look after the weak and the helpless. Expenses may mount. It is a month of paradoxes and contradictions. But given faith in God and your own self you will come out a winner.
Scorpio: As the Bible says, “The truth shall make you free”. In other words be absolutely honest in your dealings and game set a match will be finally yours. The simple reason is friends and well wishers will flock to your side and support you once they know that you are sincere and co-operative.
Sagittarius: Pressures are certainly going to mount in terms of prestige and work. Your attitude will be mighty important. Stay hopeful to buoyant and do not lose your confidence under any circumstances. You may have to work hard on two fronts home and work very sincerely. The mantra for you is, “OM JHRAM JHREEM JHROOM SA GURUVE NAMAH”.
Capricorn: Pilgrimages, spirituality of an all together different dimension, tours and the ability to synchronize different trends and directions should help you in a thousand different ways. God favours you because you certainly deserve it. This is high praise, nobly deserved and won. Conference and meetings are foretold.
Aquarius: Karmic debts will have to be paid, light it or lump it. The best thing is to accept it and go right ahead bravely and intelligently. This is not going to be easy. But in life the spiritual path can be one of thorns and thistles. Yes you will be able to walk on it. Otherwise also this is a slightly uneven month.
Pisces: You will grow through what you go through. Partnerships at all levels are predicted. The greatest partnership is with your maker and your own destiny. A time to heal others and thus be at peace with yourself. In short hostility and love, enmity and friendship all come to a meeting point, a very unusual month. Journey with a stop-over is possible. 


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