The Director
Discovery Networks Asia
Gurgaon – 122002
Dear Sir,
May the good Lord Ganesha, the Holy Fire and all the Energies of the entire cosmos and the galaxies go with you and your mighty team. Today 18th August is also our Parsee New Year. We worship Fire.
In my own humble way I have tried to co – relate the actual astronomical planets and stars and constellations to humanity and astrology. The reason why is that I feel compelled to do so, and being a former professor of English, I think it will make just a little bit easier for others to understand the mighty purpose and possibilities of the entire galaxies, space and time and finally what the future holds for them. I admit openly that I could be totally wrong. But I would still like to try.
It is my strong belief that all of us are powerfully and inevitably connected. Yes I have been the astrologer of 3 Prime Ministers, namely Narendra Modi, Moorarji Desai and Vajpayee. I admit openly that astrology is not perfect. Also I have represented India as a poet in the Phillipines in 1969. By courier I am sending you my latest book of poems Spiritual Sizzlers and my 2015 annual horoscope which has a picture of Narendra Modi and myself on the inside back cover.
But the real truth is if I can make astronomy even a little simpler I would be thrilled. That is the real reason why I am sending you a few poems in that light. It is now entirely up to you to do what you like with it.
I will be in New Delhi from August 22 to August 31 at the Parsee Fire temple because the Parsees have invited me there. Forget everything. It would be a great pleasure to meet you. We human beings should get together for a good cause. Agreed?
Ganesha’s Grace
Bejan Daruwalla
August 18, 2015


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