Birthday Astrology Horoscope for November 13 - November 19, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Birthday Horoscope
                November 13 – November 19
                By Bejan Daruwalla
13th:- Ganesha says if there are relationship frustrations involving possessiveness, jealousy, control, or with-holding, you’ll find your way through them best if you create a cost-benefit analysis and act on it.
14th:- Your style is casual, exploring whatever life brings, but under the Moon, considering values and security needs, especially this afternoon, will actually complement your own basic needs.
15th: You’re likely to jump impulsively, perhaps in the wrong direction, or have to deal with disruptive, unreliable people. If tempted to make a huge relationship change, it’s better to calm down first.
16th:- The Moon is a stimulant from other people, arousing your interest in companionship, if only in a fleeting way. Love and romance on the whole are under dark sacrificial pressures.
17th:- An excited, or excitable, partner gets you going bright and early. Use the assertive input to energize weekend pleasure, not to amp up irritating reactions. Sharing warms your heart.
18th:- If you’re ready to experiment – and you always are – an exciting Venus – Uranus brings new forms of pleasure and sudden, delightfully free-spirited connections. Love and enjoy with abandon!
19th:- The Moon brings an emotional timber to all issues of sharing – financially, through feelings, sexually; but unpredictable events could cause sudden shifts in how you or a partner feels


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