Weekly Astrology Horoscope for November 20 - November 26, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                November 20 – November 26
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says you learn a lot from all your recent tribulations and worries make attempt to streamline your life on all fronts. You cut down on extravagance and unnecessary spending and realise that, with the right attitude, and some fine tuning, you can cope well. You learn to be positive and will introspect on why and how all this is happening. There are many pinpricks and you have to cope, as there is no choice.
Taurus: All the bonding experienced over the last period gets you very close to family and it is a very emotional period. The problems are slowly working themselves out and the family is taking the load off your chest. All this goes a long way in dealing with future issues too. Once all this is put on the backburner, you are aware of the need to look at some fun too. It has been a rough time and you have to balance it all out with some entertainment and diversions.
Gemini: You look for beauty now that you have emerged from the depths. You have battled the odds and are now happy with the achievements you have made. You feel much more confident and also positive, and ready to embark on a spree of partying, entertaining and enjoying yourself. Money matters ease off, new deals are on the anvil, and there is respite, despite the warming up of the planet!
Cancer: You put on your thinking cap and make more plans. You play a more proactive role in family matters and in the community. You like to be listened to and your orders obeyed. Don’t get too aggressive or autocratic as it may meet with opposition and resentment. You have a tendency to want to get your point across all the time and these tactics could be interpreted as bullying by others. While you like to have your way always, try to be more gracious about it.
Leo: You are moving ahead with many plans and projects, making the most of the new moon phase. Cash on it, says Ganesha. You are a leader / entertainer / mediator and your financial skills / management and spiritual inclinations will be greatly enhanced in this period. You make huge gains. You will find solutions to mind-boggling problems and people at the office and home look to you for answers. Finances will play a major role.
Virgo: There will be all sorts of delays and obstacles in your path. You have to generate more money and you look around for new ways to do it. You earn much more than you had in the past, but money is still a great need all the time. You look at other avenues of income generation as many family issues come to the fore. It is getting hotter, in more ways than one. This strenuous period could also be dogged by accidents and ill health.
Libra: The Moon in your sign is propelling you ahead very strongly, making you work very hard indeed. There is no letup in your busy schedule, but you relish every moment of it. There is progress at all levels, recognition, more money made and gains of all kinds. It is a very rewarding period. The home front is also happy and relaxed as a result and there is joy and bonhomie all around. You strike a purple patch in all your affairs.
Scorpio: The family re-enters your life in a big way now. It could be parents, in-laws, spouse, children, even distant relatives whom you haven’t met or heard from for a very long time. They all need your attention and this will be time consuming. Your social life and work time will be curtailed by the numerous domestic demands, but you can’t say no to family. This is a frenetic and hectic period and you will have to make many compromises.
Sagittarius: This is a positive and pleasing period with many triumphs which you may not notice until much later. You have been learning many of life’s crucial lessons, and will now find time to party. The past period have been a hectic and demanding period and you need to restore the balance. Let go of all trifles and look at the bigger picture. If you don’t, life has a way of making you do it, and it will be on its terms and not yours.
Capricorn: Health concerns crop up. It may not be your own health specifically but that of someone dear to you and you have to take care of them. This will also eat into your time, both at work and at leisure, but this is a duty you can’t avoid. Nor do you want to; your caring comes from the heart. There is also some travel and a change of plans. You will be in a positive frame of mind despite the disruptions. Somewhere, deep within, you know that this will also pass and you bide your time.
Aquarius: You have done well and now the good times seek you out. The clouds have passed and the sun is shining brightly on your life and affairs. There are also several matters to attend to – from family / personal relationships to secret deals, legal or tax / investment complications. But don’t worry! You will sort them all out satisfactorily. All this is a part of the evolution of your soul; you have to get across the hurdles and setbacks to realise your true self, which is what your earnest quest is.
Pisces: The difficulties of the past have been well and truly surmounted. You find time to recharge your batteries and decide on some uplifting human interactions and good socialising. You are loving, caring and warm in your interactions with people and are a big draw. You are more relaxed and also equally focussed on your dreams. You taste the finer things of life and indulge your love of beauty and style.


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