Weekly Astrology Horoscope for November 13 - November 19, 2017 by BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Horoscope
                November 13 – November 19
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says from the first period of concentrating on money and acquisitions, you turn your attention to family and intimate bonding. You are also deeply attached to your family, and your parents and siblings mean the world to you. You know that the family can be well looked after if you earn well and so – family and finance – go hand in hand. You make extra efforts to secure the financial aspects for your extended family and look for new avenues of investment and expansion. You will tap the markets and indulge in speculation with some success, too. (I must add here that a lot depends on the individual horoscopes and these are mere generalizations; and also remind you of the fact that the stars impel and don’t compel.
Taurus:- Your life acquires a new intensity and tempo. You are on the fast track to success and even the fastest escalator is too slow. There may be a few delays and impediments but you manage to get over all that with some breathtaking risk taking ability. This is a period of unmitigated passion with your loved one. You find joy in intimacy and you move from physical pleasure to super consciousness and that, I must add, is quite a remarkable journey.
Gemini:- After all the initial expansion and money making, you enter a world of new ideas and inspirations. You also entertain and have fun at social gatherings. It is not that you are not working, but meetings also help you network and make the right connections. You are less driven now and enjoy lighter moments with friends and family. You have to guard against depression, though, as there will minor irritants and they will plunge you into deep thinking mode.
Cancer:- This is a period of consolidation. You will be making contacts with all sorts of people, you will be in a frenzy of communication, reaching out to everyone. You make valuable contacts and your business/work grows. You make money, with the right decisions at the right time and are prudent enough to invest the extra in gilt edged securities and also in purchases that make good money sense. There is travel, an upswing in your prestige.
Leo:- You get encouraged by the good times and pitch in for more expansion. You think big and take risks like a gambler at Las Vegas. You are also in the throes of a new relationship and it is going well. Remember that there is the force of gravity and the higher you go, the harder you can fall. So its good to spread out and be on a high but don’t over-extend yourself either physically and financially. If fortunes change (and you never know what happens when) you will fall flat on your face. You also get a tad arrogant and feel that you are the beginning and end of all life forms.
Virgo:- You are moving in many directions and the force is with you. You are doing too much too soon. You are also travelling and meeting people. Sometimes, you get too frank, blunt and outspoken and this will not help your cause one bit. You will also spend recklessly and indulge in all forms of speculation and gambling. There is new romance, attachments, love affairs and you revel in it. If in love, you could take it to the next level. All in all, an expansive period in which many things happen to you.
Libra:- You slow down a bit and think issues over. You have to deal with mounting expenses and are mired in your own doings of the last few periods. You look for more meaning in whatever you do and take recourse in spiritual books perhaps, even gods and godmen. But there is more than intellectual movement; you move physically too, on business and for pleasure. You look at inner growth and greater knowledge which you realise will help you achieve.
Scorpio:- You are communicating frenetically this period. Local and domestic affairs will occupy your attention and set off a great deal of action, though it may not always be to your liking or inclination. There will be intrusions from others which you should guard against. You have been moving fast and in different directions. Prioritise your life and don’t scatter you energies like you have been doing for some time now. The home environment needs attention.
Sagittarius:- You streamline all your activities. You look to others for help in this and it is a welcome move as the world wants to help someone who is keen on doing so. No one likes losers, and you like to be a winner in the game of life and not a whiner. You have many accomplices now who will also, later, want a share in the pie. Capricornians are never winners. You make changes in the basics and let go of old dependency needs or crutches which may have helped you stay afloat in the past. You have a lot of self-belief now and your relationships are revitalized. There are promises of long-term stability.
Capricorn:- Once again, you seek out avenues for more money as it means recognition, power and security in your lexicon. I do not say that it is not true, but an overemphasis on money may well be your undoing in the long run. You work hard and are motivated to move heaven and earth to achieve your goals. There will be a lot of stress and you need to take care. Family, loved ones, children, parents, in-laws and all the others in your extended family demand your time and you will be walking the tightrope. A tense period.
Aquarius:- There is outstanding success in store for you. You are determined and all fired up and move in the right direction with panache. You weed out all that you don’t need which includes friends who don’t mean well and other pretenders. Your attitude is right and you have an infectious optimism which will ensure that you get your point across without ruffling feathers. Family bonding will also be pleasing, fulfilling and there are promises of success and joy in all areas of your life. You make steady progress and squash all rivalry before it turns ugly and disastrous.
Pisces:- While the work areas is moving along smoothly, you also make some personal conquests. You are more creative and attract many like-minded people who will collaborate with you both at work and at play. You pave the path to success with concrete results. Your work skills are sharpened and your personal equation enhanced. You have laid the foundation and it is time to work on them and reap the dividends. With the right attitude and the hard work that you put in, there is no room for failure.


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