Astrology Horoscope for June 2017        Shree Ganeshaya Namah
        Astrology Horoscope for July 2017
        By Bejan Daruwalla

Cancerian 14th Dalai Lama places compassion above everything else. I call it as rhapsody of light and symphony of colours. To me at least compassion may lead to consciousness. As the sign Cancer means water, EL NINO will be kind to us this time and we will have a glorious monsoon. Water is life, creation and obviously the symbol of spirituality. Incidentally your 87 years old astrologer is also a Cancerian.

Aries: Home, house, property are sharply focalised in July. This includes buying / selling / investments. More importantly it is the right time for yagna, religion and rites, the creation of temples and shrines in your own home for anywhere else. The blessings of your forefathers could spell prosperity.

Taurus: It is certainly a time to fuse home and the outside world without any scratch or crack or blemish. Short journeys, trips, ties, the use of mobiles, internet, whatsapp should be useful, profitable and above all delightful. In the
Aquarian age spirituality can also be publicised through the media.

Gemini: We Hindus have countless deities. Each with his or her special characteristics and blessings. But in July and August it would perhaps be best to pray to Ganga Maiyya and Shivji. No compulsion please. Just a suggestion. Money comes to you unbidden. Share it with a smile and a joke. Believe me you Geminis sharp and witty are fully capable of it.

Cancer: Shy, sensitive, slightly timid Cancerians should believe your Cancerian astrologer when he says that this is the time to step out in style and showmanship. Be it family matters, business, profession, sports. Now is the time to win medals in the Olympics of life itself. Yes the grace of Ganesha / Allah / Christ / Buddha will be with you.

Leo: The sages have always said, “If you lose yourself you will find yourself”. In other words it means give of yourself freely, lovingly, willingly, smash your ego to bits. By meditation “The anterior insular, the left ventral and the anterior cingulated cortex, the right medial pre-frontal cortex, and the bilateral precuneus” will be activated with wonderfully spiritual results.

Virgo: Deepak Ranade speaks of Gravitational Ripples and Universal Consciousness. You have a mighty fine chance to actually experience it in July. Because the Sun, the king of planets will be in your 11th angle of fulfilment. Otherwise also thanks to LIGO’S interferometer and humungous entities a heightened, sublime, sensitivity is possible. Exciting. (I admit I do not understand it fully)

Libra: Librans can easily spread the gown of grace over broken minds and bruised spirits. That is your characteristic and your very nature so to say. In July you will have a special window opportunity to do it. At the same time you will be working furiously in your profession, business, job, vocation. Action time.

Scorpio: The flush of victory is yours if only you learn to control yourself and use your undoubted talent and energies in the right direction and spirit. Prophetic dreams, visions and the rare ability to penetrate into the core of things is yours. Publicity, high velocity performance, good deeds make it a memorable July.

Sagittarius: Do take care of your health and finances and all the rest will be given to you. As Dadaji Amiya Roy Chowdhury says, “In the worldly life, full of stress and strain, the best medicine is to have patience”. The paradox is honey, money and spirituality will make a perfect team for you despite difficulties.

Capricorn: A seismic shift in relationships is more than possible. In relationships I include relationships with yourself, society, nature, surroundings and even the wide wide world. Gusts of emotions and the sprouting of intelligence as well as the fertility of spirituality all come together. Wow. Travel possible.

Aquarius: Servants, colleagues, pets will play a mighty important part in your life. Try to be just and fair. Loans, funds and investments are also indicated. Perhaps it is time to have a guru, meditate much more or pray ardently and sincerely. Your mantra is OM PRAAM PREEEM PROUM SA SANAYE NAMAH.

Pisces: Your mantra is OM JHRAM JHREEM JHROOM SA GURUVE NAMAH. If you do it with sincerity and faith the whole world could well be in your pocket. I know this is an exaggeration or hyper bole. But I do it specially to encourage, inspire and insight you to a greater spiritual level. Publicity, travel, high level performance and certain victory is yours.

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