Weekly Astrology Horoscope for July 24 - July 30, 2017 by Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

                Shree Ganeshsaya Namah
                July 24 – July 30
                Weekly Forecast
                By Bejan Daruwalla
Aries: Ganesha says, Cosmobiology, the study of the living universe as a whole, to just playing the flute to while away an idle hour, is your full range, and Ganesha adds, you should be proud of it. If interested in computers, children (either delivery or start of conception), hobbies, sports, fun and play, a major creative pursuit (say an epic, a film, a painting, drama, research, statistical surveys, economic policies for company or country or both, Ph.D. thesis) the RIGHT TIME TO START IS NOW.
Taurus: This is one of the key period for a job, money, pets, projects of magnitude and importance which might start in a small way. Health is also highlighted for the simple reason, that, TOO MANY PRESSURES AND PULLS, INVARIABLY TAKE THEIR TOLL IN THE SHAPE OF ILL HEALTH. Hypochondria is a failing of many Taureans, good but very sensitive people. Therefore this warning.
Gemini: Now could be a huge trapeze exhibition for you. There is the superb Sun, fame, Jupiter, money and marriage, placing, and Mars, energy, Jupiter, generosity, juxtaposition. If delay and disappointments are Saturn's coinage, that of Jupiter is good news and prosperity. Therefore this will be a period of mixed results. You could run into problems in your personal and professional relationships. Separation is just a possibility.
Cancer: Ganesha asserts a strong, sharp, focus on finance and family. In finance we include loans, funds, investments and assets too, liabilities and debts, joint - finance and insurance, jewellery, income - tax, very specifically your earned income, rentals, shares, debentures, buying / selling. Also, and this is equally important, those who live by speech or writing, will have an extra edge.
Leo: The period sets you free from tense situations and circumstances. Also, it allows you to be your natural self. You will set a hectic pace, run like the wind: be it heavy industries, journey, trips, pilgrimages, tour, enlisting in clubs and organisations, cleaning up your image and that of the company you represent, religious impulses and spiritual experiences, publicity, ceremony, rites, fun and fanfare, ads, computers and electronics, for the reach out to people and places.
Virgo: Ganesha says after the free - wheeling and the fun and the progress achieved, it will be in this period that the home and the outside world will really converge and finally blend in beautifully with each other. This period is thus the halfway house. Till the middle of this period, the trends of the last period, will be very much there. Take advantage of them and push for all you are worth.
Libra: "There is a garden in her face / Where roses and white lilies grow" - sang the poet Thomas Campion. Perhaps he sang it just for you. You will love and be loved. You could find a heavenly paradise on earth, at least a temporary one! And yes "pleasant fruits" will be the outcome of your efforts. Isn't that wonderful? Let me be the first to rejoice for you. Ganesha says, this period will have a direct link with the next period.
Scorpio: The moon connects beautifully with Jupiter, money, Mars, force, Venus, home and comforts. Therefore, an ideal period to be outgoing and forward, communicate and contact, be social and amiable (you are very good at it, when you want to be).A period to please not only yourself, but also others. Get your work done and yet make others happy, should be your motto. Those with an inclination or talent or penchant for music, painting (particularly so), sculpture, modelling, pottery (very satisfying), acting and so on have it made.
Sagittarius: Ganesha says, now we come to that real mosaic. I said mosaic becuase three trends will be operating almost simultaneously:
a) A tremendous release of energy and output, so much so, that it overflows into November;
b) there will be periods of rare insights and introspection and self - improvement;
c) -changes in office / home / shop, may be a move, a shift too.
Capricorn: This period is for good food, excellent clothes, sparkling jewellery, monetary transactions, fast and furious, and gadding about, chuckles Ganesh. The great secret is to be amiable and sociable. Yes, the social graces will stand you in good stead and do the trick for sure. Savvy, polish, charm are your bullets, not cold logic and analysis. As long as you remember that, all is well. Parties, dinners, banquets, luncheons, buffets is the way it should go. Enjoy!
Aquarius: Love slides in effortlessly, children given huge satisfaction, new enterprises will be launched, expansion of factory / industry is probable, and you will feel relaxed, at least partially, which is saying a lot indeed! Those in films, arts, research, entertainment, education, make things hum handsomely.
Pisces: Ganesha says, like the confluence of the Yamuna and the Ganga, the two trends of the home and the big, outside world, do meet, giving you deep satisfaction. The Mars Uranus beautiful placings assure you success as well as joy. But the health of parents, in-laws, elders, boss, could cause a few anxious moments. Travel is another indication of these placings. Let me put it all differently. Love and enthusiasm will be your travelling companions in this period.


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