A Prayer to Ganesha - BEJAN DARUWALLA


                   Shree Ganeshaya Namah

                   A Prayer to Ganesha

                   Bejan Daruwalla

"Lord, we go back to the back of beyond. Yes, we have played football, gulli - danda, wrestled, gorged on ladoos, taken sherbet, nimboopani, narialpani, laughed away the night and half the day too. It has been an easy, friendly, relationship; me knowing that you are the boss, the big chief, and you, evidently knowing, that I am your most willing and humble servant, ready to lay my heart at your feet and live and finally die there.
Welcome, more than welcome, my Lord and Master, Ganesha, to my heart and hearth on this and every other Ganesha Sthapana. I prostrate myself in complete surrender at your feet.

Lord, you know I am only a foolish child! I love noise as do most Indians! Blow your trumpet, fan your ears, dance and wriggle your toes, give me a merry, knowing wink, and make me weep in sheer joy. Allow me to place a modak in your mouth and feel your stomach rumble and tumble with the thunder of laughter. My heart could explode with the love I have for you. B-O-O-M! And I could be united you forever. Lord make me your beloved.

Oh master, I know you are AUM. From the sound of AUM emanated light. From light came energy. From energy the cosmos was born. You have been always there and will always be there, I call it - the finality without beginning and end."


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