Astrology & You - BY BEJAN DARUWALLA


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
               Astrology and You

                By Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha, my Lord and Master says, "the secret of astrology can be summed up in one word. TIMING. Timing means the right person at the right place and time. It is the astrologer who can help to decide the time factor. This is where the astrologer comes in."

Dear readers, it may look very simple to you. But simplicity is really most difficult. A philosopher has said, "there is real genius behind simplicity."

It is now very clear that time is a very important factor in life. Who controls time? According to this Ganesha devotee, time is controlled by Saturn  and the great Lord Shiva. The mantra for Shiva is "Namhah shivaya shantaya karantraya hetave nivedayami chatmanam tvam gati parameshwara". Shiva is called "Mahakaal". Alokparna Das has put it wonderfully well by saying "Shiva is time deified and also transcends time as the icon of eternity".

Saturn also signifies time. The mantra for Saturn is "OM PRAAM PREEM PROUM SA SANAYE NAMAH". Therefore to us Indians Shiva and Saturn are of primary importance and significance in astrology and in life. Let me make it absolutely clear that to me all religions are equally important, and that spirituality and religion finally lead to God. You are completely free to choose your own God or Energy. I will go a step further and say you have a right to your own belief.

Let me mention here an ancient definition of astrology. It is called as JYOTISHI, JYOT = LIGHT, ISH = GOD. Therefore it is the light of God. Because it is the light of God the mantra of Shiva and Saturn are the two main pillars of life, death, eternity. I am now 83. Who knows about tomorrow? I am not a God. I just do my duty and try my best.

I must make it clear that most of this book is by Western Astrology and not Indian Astrology. The simple reason is it personally suits me better. Let me now take you to a capsule information of who really are by Western Astrology.

Aries - "I am"

Taurus - "I have"

Gemini - "I think"

Cancer - "I feel"

Leo - "I will"

Virgo - "I analyze"

Libra - "I balance"

Scorpio - "I desire"

Sagittarius - "I perceive"

Capricorn - "I use"

Aquarius - "I know"

Pisces - "I believe"

This information is about your character delineation or picture. If you know who you are you can tackle as well as enjoy life much better. Let me tell you another secret. Western Astrology is excellent at psychology, personality development, attitudes, moods, characteristics and so on. Indian astrology is best at the actual prediction of events. I may be right or wrong but in my 60 years of astrology I have found this to be very true. It is your attitude to life which will decide your happiness. I have actually seen poor people who come to me are so much satisfied that they have a smile on their face. I have seen tycoons so miserable that they want to commit suicide. How can astrology help here? The Sun is the king of the planets. From the word Sun we get the word sunny. Sunny means cheerful, joyous, shining, bright. Sunday means the day of the Sun. Therefore my worshipping the Sun, or lighting a candle or going to a fire temple or just meditating on the Sun should really help you to be happy. For those of you who are interested, the mantra for the Sun is "OM HRAM HREEM HROM SA SURYAYE NAMAH". It is upto you to believe in gems and yantras. I have nothing to say. But if you believe I suggest you wear a Ruby in gold on your ring finger on Sunday.

LUCK IS THE GRANDFATHER OF CONFIDENCE, AND CONFIDENCE BREEDS SUCCESS. Now to the nitty - gritty. Different astrologers have given different gemstones as the birthstones of different signs. By experience and intuition your Ganesha astrologer has selected the birthstones for different signs. Yes, the gems help you to be enlightened by the past; embraced by the present; empowered by the future. They are beauties of pure ecstasy. They are the rapture of Indian rages and Western rap. They are a action oriented as one - day cricket matches.

1. For Capricorns the gem will be the Garnet. Garnet stops bleeding, helps in the formation of the bones, and remember, Capricorns, usually have weak legs and knees and often rheumatism. Garnets have a very smooth and shiny appearance. They come in various colours - red, black, green, brown, yellow. They come in the class and category of silicate minerals. From these silicate minerals we have the mighty and famous silicon chip! Now you know the real value and importance of the Garnet. The Garnet is called as "Tanda" in our country.

2. Let me tell you a secret. Piscean editor Gulshan Ewing who introduced me to all the film stars of Bollywood, 30 years ago, wore the Bloodstone for luck. She was running two magazines. Eve's Weekly and Star and Style. The Bloodstone has a mix of green and red. It is excellent for women who have problems and pains in their monthly periods. I am sure this is good news for the fairer and certainly nobler sex! It helps people who are peevish and sulky. The iron in the Bloodstone also helps the anemic persons to recover quickly. We Indians call the Bloodstone as, "Pitonia". Personally, it is my conviction that the Bloodstone helps the Pisceans to understand and sympathise with their fellow human beings. (To be continued with taste, colour, sight, hearing, touch, mantras, beauty, art, science, technology for 20 complete and very powerful and tempting like Jalebi pages.)


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