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                             Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                             Astrological Gold (First published in Hind                                                                        Pocket Books)
                             Bejan Daruwalla
Planets                                           Senses
Mercury                                         Vision
Venus                                             Touch
Jupiter                                            Smell
Saturn                                            Hearing
Mars                                               Taste

If you have a great sense of smell it means your Jupiter is powerful. In the same way if you have a great sense of touch it implies that your Venus is vibrating. This will help you to know yourself a little better. That’s what astrology is all about.
Sun:          Life, hope, honour, fame, status.
Saturn:     Responsibility, duty, form, integrity, spirituality, tradition, death.
Jupiter:    Growth, riches, expansion, weight, religion, good cheer and joy, exuberance.
Mars:       Action, courage, war, sports, desire, sex.
Venus:     All the arts, entertainment, love, pleasure, harmony, beauty.
Moon:      Reproduction, domestic and family affairs, imagination, moods, feelings, surroundings, water.
Uranus:   Technology, inventions, intuitions, change, science, the new order of the world.
Neptune: Dreams, prophetic visions, extra – sensory perception (ESP), marine life, occult influences and matters, drugs.
Pluto:       Power, death and regeneration, violence, blood – shed, transformation, hidden things, dictatorship, terror, tyranny.
Chiron:    Bonding together, healing, helping, setting free, curing, saving, the key to making people free.
                             FENG SHUI Tips
      Your Ganesha devotee firmly believes that natural or artificial waterfalls bring good luck. Flowing energy is happy energy. * Clutter can be the mark of a genius or a hopelessly disorganised person. Therefore, as a rule it is better to be tidy. In any case, it creates a good impression. * The incense, “Dhoop”, “Loban” with the vessel carrying small red coals all over the house. * Making rangolis and Parsee designs of lucky colours outside the door and threshold. * Putting the symbol of Ganesha, Swastika, OM, Asho Farohar, the laughing Buddha. * Never keep chipped or even slightly cracked or broken idols, glasses, cups, saucers, vases, even though theses might be a very beautiful or old. Old is not always gold.


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