Ganesha says HUG is an invitation to the World

                   Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                   HUG – invitation to the world
                   By Bejan Daruwalla
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A hug is an invitation to the world. With open arms the hugger indicates to one and all, “come, come right into my heart. Come, all the doors are wide open for you”
Different people, different strokes, as the American say. I agree to it. I am not a scientist. But it is possible that the hug cranks up and jiggles our atoms, molecules, protons, neurons and by doing so they kiss the atoms, molecules, protons, neurons of the other person in a hug. Hug could well be a scientific kiss. This would put the hug on another different level altogether.
The latest in science is, “You can be identified by your microbial cloud”. Three sources contribute to the air borne cloud of bacteria surrounding us: dust, emissions from clothing and emissions from the person. In a hug the microbial clouds of the 2 persons could come together. This possibility could be astounding, marvellous and a different kind of explanation to the power and significance of a hug. Maybe science and a loving heart find a meeting point in a hug.
Hug is so huge, that it helps in congratulations and heals in condolence. The hug intertwines us with nature herself.  I have known of sages and saints who have embraced the Earth and finally seen the light in the void. I call it consciousness through compassion. Hug is the powerful puissant peak of union between two kindred spirits. We Parsees love to laugh. I firmly believe that a hug and laughter are the saving grace of life and also man’s final defiance to all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Therefore I say:
The world is a big bloody bug

Without a huge happy hug.


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