Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Be with Bejan
                By Bejan Daruwalla
(Shree Ganeshaya Namah Dear Readers, This column is not about astrology and numerology. I am not a guru. But I was for 50 years a professor of English. To me education means STIMULATION to bring out your full POTENTIAL. Therefore I will ask you questions, request you to choose from it, and give a reply. I will not comment on your reply. You can see and read the replies of others in the newspaper and JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. In other words you can be your own guru. Try it. It will surprise you.)
1) We all know that love is the fevicol or bonding of life. Love is permanent. But the great story teller Summerset Maughan tells us in his book “Summing up” that finally love turns to cold gravy. In other words love is not permanent. Do you agree? The question is “is love permanent?”
2) There was a competition between two men. One man was very strong. The other man was weak. Therefore the judge said if you fight it will not be an equal fight. Therefore I will do a strange thing. In one hand I will choose a poison pill which will cause death. In the other hand there will be nothing. Will both of you agree to choose one of the two hands? This will be a real test of your courage. My         question is, “do you think it is just and fair test?”
3) People say revenge may be wicked but it is natural. Others say you must not take revenge and forgive the person who hurts and harms you. My question is, “who do you think is right?”
4) Ganesha says on one side we have reincarnation, heaven, after death experience, ghosts and spirits. On the other side we have absolutely nothing after death. In other words death is the end of it all. My question is which of these two you prefer?
5) We all want freedom and liberty. To have this freedom and liberty we must break with a single mighty powerful bound the chains which bind us and limit us. But we can also be free if we work on the chains little by little every day, just as prisoners in the jail use a saw to cut the prison bars little by little every night. My question is which of these two you will choose?
6) What is the most effective medicine in life? On one side we have love which can heal. On the other side we have humour. Humour kills ego and false pomposity. The reason is you cannot laugh and pretend to be powerful at the same time. Love is the bonding. Humour is the salt of life. If you have to pick only one of these two which will it be?
7) Poets are certainly “the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. It means what the poets dream today the world realises tomorrow. But it is equally true that many poets are completely eccentric, make love to many women, do not feel guilty and many times break all the traditional values and lead a completely free bohemian wayward life. My question is should the poets be allowed to do so or should they be controlled and trapped by the government?

8) I agree completely that rapists, arsonists, murderers, blackmailers are the scum of the Earth. They should therefore be wiped out. Why should others suffer them? But the hard core fact remains that they too were babes once with chubby cheeks, deer eyes and feet like flowers and leaves. In other words they too were innocently beautiful and truthfully glorious. If we think of them in this way would we like to kill them? So my question is can we find it in our heart to forgive them given all these different possibilities? 


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