Weekly Astrology Horoscope for July 31 - August 6, 2017 by Astrologer BEjan Daruwalla


                Shree Ganeshaya Namah
                Weekly Forecast
                July 31 – August 6

Aries: Ganesha says from money concerns, you now turn your attention to the state of your relationships. A compromised financial condition, or strained personal ties, could have caused you to become impatient and abrupt with your associates and loved ones. This attitude has helped no one, least of all you, and in fact may have even caused you undue stress and unhappiness.
Taurus: You somehow, magically, revolutionise your relationships thanks to a makeover and a spanking new persona. There is a sea change in the way you conduct your affairs, both personal and professional, and a feeling of exultation runs through all your interactions. Having made these changes, you will find you have gained immensely. Work will occupy you as you set your plans into motion.
Gemini: Further accomplishments are now yours. You shine brilliantly as you make it clear that there is no goal you cannot achieve and no peak you cannot scale. If you decide to do something, you will do it. Growth and advancement is on the cards and you will be highly energised and enthused to undertake specialised courses and higher studies or even take up a new position of responsibility.
Cancer: You may have a tendency to go overboard in your relationships. Your physical and emotional intimacy with your lover / partner is at an all – time high. Family ties with children, siblings, parents could go through a transformation. But, as your associations widen, you may have to reach out to extended family on several of issues. There are chances of strife and conflicts leading to face-offs, arguments and quarrels.
Leo: You are handling personal and professional issues in a debt manner much to the satisfaction of everybody. There is harmony both at home and in the office. You go out of your way to strengthen the ties of affection. Your partner has supported you through all the stresses and strains of last period. You will be grateful and secure even though confrontations and run-ins continue.
Virgo: Many new experiences will strengthen your faith. You are now capable of assimilating differing and contrasting view points and attitudes. This adds to the existing harmony all around and you are happy. You are well loved and deserve the spotlight. Your self – belief and identity get a leg up and you become even more secure about your talents and skills. But beware of overconfidence.
Libra: This is another grand period, full of joys and achievements, and not just restricted to your professional milestones. After a fantastic period devoted to your partner and other personal issues, you are now all charged up and ready to tackle pending projects. You work hard and execute all your plans and meet your deadlines. Schedules will be hectic. You may get involved in grand projects not just at the locality / community level but at the national and international levels too.
Scorpio: A marvellous time begins which brings you everything that your heart desires. This has not come without effort because there are no free lunches in life. You have put your nose to the grindstone and now it is time for paybacks. There is heightened reputation at work, plus several other monetary perks. Your career graph soars. This is a brilliant time to explore new and exciting avenues, even thoughts and ideas.
Sagittarius: The fine trends and good interactions of last period reach a crescendo as awards, rewards, gifts, prizes and acknowledgements start rolling in. Having taken stock of your status in life, you will feel pleased to see that your aims and ambitions both for yourself and for your loved ones are now in your grasp. The best part is that all your achievements have been ethical and above board.
Capricorn: With your restored and enhanced perception of life, you will give yourself leeway to take life easy now. You will be relaxed and laidback. Your positivity and optimism are the basis of your enjoyment of life’s pleasures. There is intimate bonding with your partner and many happy moments with friends. You also have a gentle and loving attitude which helps.
Aquarius: Life is a state of constant flux and this will be amply proved this period. You will now enjoy opening up to new people, experiences and expectations with gusto and fervour. You are in furious communication mode and reach out to all and sundry. You also make the most of new technology and explore new areas of work and play. Solitary activities no longer hold any charm and you revel in group interactions.
Pisces: Ganesha likes to reward genuine effort and you are well rewarded for your hard work this period. You have over – extended yourself and have persevered with your goals without hurting people’s feelings or stepping on anyone’s toes, winning approval from your superiors. You also bond well with the family as they are and will always remain a major priority in your life. A soothing, feel – good atmosphere at home is largely responsible for your cheerful and energetic ways. 


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